Archie Shepp, Horace Parlan: Goin' Home

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Straightahead / Hard Bop
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: Jewelcaseowe etui

Editor's Info:
Goin' Home is a studio album by American saxophonist Archie Shepp and pianist Horace Parlan. After their work in the 1960s, Shepp and Parlan both faced career challenges as the jazz scene diverged stylistically. They left the United States for Europe during the 1970s and met each other in Denmark before recording the album on April 25, 1977, at Sweet Silence Studio in Copenhagen.
A jazz and gospel album, Goin' Home features Shepp and Parlan's interpretations of African-American folk melodies and spirituals. Its title is an allusion to Shepp's return to his African cultural roots. Shepp had never recorded spirituals before and was overcome with emotion during the album's recording because of the historical and cultural context of the songs.
Although it surprised jazz listeners upon its release in 1977, Goin' Home was praised by music critics for its reverent tone and stylistic deviation from Shepp's previous free jazz works. Shepp and Parlan were artistically satisfied with the album and subsequently recorded another album together, Trouble in Mind, in 1980. Goin' Home was reissued on CD by SteepleChase Records on May 3, 1994.

Shepp in 1982, playing the soprano saxophone. After rising to the top of the avant-garde jazz movement during the 1960s, Archie Shepp faced a career challenge during the 1970s after the style lost popularity in the jazz scene, which had split between artists who played either a tamer or a more experimental sound. Shepp became a more mainstream performer, mostly playing hard bop, although he would occasionally return to his free jazz sound. To support himself financially, he spent most of his time playing in Europe. In 1972, jazz pianist Horace Parlan left the United States and eventually settled in Denmark, where Shepp had signed to SteepleChase Records.
Shepp became interested in recording gospel and, at the request of his producer at SteepleChase, recorded Goin' Home with Parlan. They recorded the album on April 25, 1977, at Sweet Silence Studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. Shepp played tenor saxophone on six pieces and soprano saxophone on three others. Both Shepp and Parlan were artistically satisfied with Goin' Home and recorded another album together, the blues-inspired Trouble in Mind, in 1980.

According to music journalist Tom Moon, Goin' Home is a reverent jazz and gospel album played with straightforward simplicity by Shepp and Parlan. They interpret nine traditional Negro spirituals, featuring African-American folk melodies that originated from the 1920s and before. Along with Trouble in Mind and Looking at Bird in 1980, Goin' Home is part of a series of albums delineated in Shepp's discography as "modular explorations of traditional musical styles", which is itself in Shepp's broader series of musical "portraits of the Diaspora". The album's title alludes to a return to African cultural roots.
Shepp viewed Goin' Home as his attempt to cross the span of time and history between modern African Americans and the black slaves symbolized by the spirituals. In an interview for Down Beat, Shepp said that it was the first time he had recorded spirituals or made "any kind of serious statement about them", and said that he started to cry when he started playing on the album due to "the strain, the spiritual weight of the moment". He recalled being momentarily afraid that he would not be able to go through with the album's recording because of his emotional state, which he explained:
I felt I represented everybody who'd ever sang those songs, and to make the meaning of those songs clear was up to me at that point. They should be truthful, they should have the same authenticity as when they were sung, because that's the nature of this type of folk song. They were created by people who were in deep sorrow; they're slave songs. And so it challenged my own ability as modern Negro black man to traverse that historical plain. Could I do that? And I felt I could, and the tears were proof of it - that perhaps my condition hadn't changed so completely that I can't still feel what they felt.

Horace Parlan – piano
Archie Shepp – arranger, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone

1. Goin' Home (arr.Archie Shepp) 6:11
2. Nobody Knows the Troubles I've Seen (arr.Archie Shepp) 4:43
3. Go Down Moses (arr.Archie Shepp) 4:21
4. Steal Away to Jesus (arr.Archie Shepp) 6:14
5. Deep River (arr.Archie Shepp) 4:51
6. My Lord What a Morning (arr.Archie Shepp) 4:40
7. Amazing Grace" (composed by John Newton) 4:23
8. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child (arr.Archie Shepp) 5:20
9. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (arr.Archie Shepp) 2:44
10. Come Sunday" (composed by Duke Ellington) 7:46 CD bonus track

wydano: 1988 (1977)
nagrano: Recorded April 25, 1977, at Studio Sweet Silence (Copenhagen)



Archie Shepp, Horace Parlan
Goin' Home
tenor saxophone
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