Arthur Possing: Identity

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Contemporary Jazz / Indie Jazz / Piano Solo
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A solo album is always a risk for a pianist, because it is important to keep the complete attention of potential listeners only to this piano during the entire album. The Luxembourger Arthur Possing has so far attracted attention with two quartet albums; the second one, "Natural Flow", was released two years ago by Double Moon.
"The aesthetics of a solo album should differ significantly from my quartet recordings," the pianist stated. "Like a singer/songwriter who stands alone on stage with his guitar, I want to play songs alone on the piano. This means that my compositions are deliberately kept simple and the melody is always in the foreground and should have a statement. The pieces shouldn't be too long either." In fact, only the opening song "The Essence of Joy" is longer than the five-minute limit, and Possing has scattered four short interludes between his five songs, which create space for new moods and atmospheres. The straight "Folk Songs" is framed by two of these dreamy miniatures.
"In addition to my own pieces, I also wanted to play pop songs that have strongly influenced me or songs by musicians that I find very concise," Possing said. He chose two of Sting's most famous songs with "Fields of Gold" and "Seven Days". "Sting is a musician who has always fascinated me," the pianist recounted. “He loved playing with jazz musicians and that's why the harmonies of his songs are a bit more refined. There are odd time signatures in 'Seven Days‘, which the general audience does not notice because the song still grooves.”
"Beatriz" by Edu Lobo and Chico Buarque is a classic of Brazilian pop music that Arthur Possing got to know during his music studies. "I studied in Brussels, and there was also a Brazilian combo in which we played this song by Chico Buarque," the pianist recalled. "I always kept that in mind and thought I'd do something with it sometime."
The fourth cover version on "ID:entity" is "Cinematico", a song by the Belgian jazz pianist Eric Legnini. "Eric Legnini is a decisive figure in my life, both as a musician and as a human being," Possing stated. "He made me a complete pianist. I owe him a lot, and my version of 'Cinematic‘ is a tribute to him.”
The nine songs and four interludes make "ID:entity" an extremely varied album, on which you can perceive the complete bandwidth of pianist. Alone, as he plays “Fields of Gold” – namely, as if he touched the song with velvet gloves – is astonishing, but Possing's peculiarly radiant “Midnight Light” or the grippingly constructed “Val Pellice” show the pianistic variety that the Luxembourger has quite naturally at his disposal.
Possing is considered one of the most promising pianists of his generation. He has set an early highlight in his career with the natural musicality of “ID:entity”.

Arthur Possing (piano)
Arthur Possing is a young Luxembourgish pianist. Born in 1996, he grew up in a family, where music takes an important role and was omnipresent at home. He started classical percussion at the age of 6 and classical piano at the age of 10, later in the class of well-known pianist Jean Muller. In 2009, he began jazz piano with Marc Mangen and in 2011, vibraphone with Guy Cabay.
In 2016, after finishing secondary school, he began further studies in jazz piano at the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles with Eric Legnini.
The Arthur Possing Quartet was formed in 2013. The members of the group met in highschool (music section) and soon they started to play together regularly.
In 2017, the musicians are originally from Germany, France and Luxembourg and have studied at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, at the Centre des Musiques Didier Lockwood near Paris, and at the Musikhochschule Mannheim.
Their repertoire consists of own compositions, as well as tunes of jazzmen they really appreciate.
The quartet plays modern jazz, with influences from all genres, without forgetting the tradition.
In 2017, the quartet recorded its first album, entitled “Four Years which has been released in March 2018 on the Belgian label Hypnote Records. It was well acclaimed by the audience and the press and won “Hit” by Couleurs Jazz in France.

"... nine small, fine, glittering, charming miniatures for the present, none longer than five minutes, graspable, technically demanding and yet full of natural beauty..."
Jazzthing, 23-8-2023

Arthur Possing (piano)

01. The Essence of Joy 05:05
02. Seven Days 05:38
03. Midnight Light 03:11
04. Interlude #1 01:28
05. Folk Song 05:18
06. Interlude #2 01:34
07. Fields of Gold 04:29
08. Interlude #3 01:19
09. Val Pellice 03:56
10. Startin' 04:06
11. Cinematic 04:01
12. Interlude #4 01:29
13. Beatriz 06:14

wydano: 25 August 2023
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Double Moon Records
Arthur Possing
Arthur Possing
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