Delta Piano Trio: Lera Auerbach: Milking Darkness

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Editor's info:
If you mix every colour of paint together, you end up with black. Similarly, the darkness in the music of Lera Auberbach (b. 1973) consists of every imaginable shade of colour, from pitch darkness to dazzling light. The composer thus captures the mercuriality of life and the human psyche. Her music sometimes also depicts a dance with the inescapable: the struggle against Fate, the inexorable passing of time, an unattainable dream – but always with black humour and a dark though starlit sky. ‘Many composers create something “beautiful”, outside human reality,’ according to the Delta Piano Trio, who worked hard with Auberbach in preparing for this album. ‘Instead, Lera’s music is raw as well as human. She never eases up on what she wants to express, which would rob the music of all its fervour.’
It was Auerbach’s own idea to call this album Milking Darkness. The Delta Piano Trio feels that it is a fitting description not only of her work as a whole but also of the intense effect her music can have.

Delta Piano Trio
Untainted and uncompromising musicality coupled with exceptional interpretive depth characterize the playing of the Delta Piano Trio, founded in Salzburg in 2013 by the three Dutch musicians Gerard Spronk, Irene Enzlin and Vera Kooper. The trio completed its studies in Salzburg, Paris and Basel with Wolfgang Redik (Vienna Piano Trio), Rainer Schmidt (Hagen Quartet), Anton Kernjak and with Trio Wanderer.
Numerous prizes and awards underline the trio’s reputation, including first prizes at the international chamber music competitions Stasys Vainiunas in Lithuania, Salieri-Zinetti in Italy, Orlando in the Netherlands, at the Orpheus chamber music competition in Switzerland and, in particular, the highly endowed Kersjesprijs, the most important chamber music prize in the Netherlands, awarded in December 2020.
The Delta Piano Trio has toured Europe, Russia, Israel, China, South Korea, Indonesia, and the United States, and has performed in concert halls such as the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, the National Center of Performing Arts in Beijing, the Gang Dong Art Center in Seoul, St. Johns Smith Square in London, and the Jerusalem Music Center. The trio collaborates regularly with contemporary composers and maintains a collaborative relationship with Russian-American composer Lera Auerbach. They frequently give chamber music masterclasses and love coaching younger ensembles.

De Volkskrant, 28-9-2023
"In the Third Piano Trio the intensity of the three musicians is unprecedented too. They fall from wild dissonant madness into withdrawn contemplation, delicately reflecting the echoes of seemingly recognizable melodies."

Delta Piano Trio:
Gerard Spronk (violin)
Irene Enzlin (cello)
Vera Kooper (piano)

Auerbach: Lonely Suite - Ballet for a Lonely Violinist, Op 70 10:11
Auerbach: Piano Trio No. 4 18:34
Auerbach: Milking Darkness 10:03
Auerbach: Three Dances in the Old Style, Op. 54 4:38
Auerbach: Piano Trio No. 3 26:12

total time - 69:47
wydano: 29 September 2023
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Challenge Classics
Lera Auerbach (b.1973)
Delta Piano Trio
Lera Auerbach: Milking Darkness
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