Cuarteto SolTango & Leonel Capitano: Poesía

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Tango / Tango Nuevo / Klasyczna Muzyka Kameralna
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Editor's info:
A dream comes true, CUARTETO SOLTANGO negotiated for a long time with the star Tango singer LEONEL CAPITANO until he came to Munich for the production - a co-production with Bayerischer Rundfunk.
Arranger and pianist Martin Klett and Leonel Capitano have put together 16 tangos in different styles of famous Tango composers. There are famous styles and their founders: Aníbal Troilo, Osvaldo Puglieses, Horacio Salgán, Oswaldo Tarrantino. Elías Randal, Virgilio Exposíto, Acho Manzi, Sebastián Piana etc. provide the music.
The lyricists are also genuine South Americans and have written popular, sometimes very human lyrics, which also repeatedly emphasise the social aspects.
The intoxicating sound of these pieces of music, two of them instrumental, makes the rhythm go straight to your feet, a feast for the ears of the highest order.

The Cuarteto SolTango epitomises the next generation of authentic tango, combining the luscious sound of a traditional orquesta típica with the verve of true chamber musicianship. With the unique combination of violin, cello, bandoneón and piano, they connect the Argentine Tango of the „Golden Age“ with the tradition of chamber music concerts. They interpret a wide variety of classic tango styles ranging rom icons such as Aníbal Troilo, Juan d‘Arienzo and Lucio Demare right up to the pioneers of the Tango Nuevo, Osvaldo Pugliese and Horacio Salgán, in alluring arrangements by Martin Klett.
Since it was founded in 2008, the quartet was invited to perform repeatedly at the music festivals of Schleswig-Holstein and Oberstdorf, thereby launching their musical brand at outstanding classical venues. Since then, the four have played at a number of international festivals – most recently at the innovative Grachtenfestival in Amsterdam, the Heidelberg Spring and the Studio Concert series at Bavarian Broadcast, Munich.
Following their debut album, they published their second album Cristal in 2015, collaborating with the German National Broadcasting (Deutschlandfunk) and the chamber music label CAvi. Rave re- views by Rondo and The Strad magazines, but also in the Tangodanza magazine proclaim their great success in the classical market as well as the international tango scene. The third album Sin Palabras was released in 2019.
SolTango performed live on stage at the acclaimed Blue Tango show during the International Tango Festival Düsseldorf and the show Terra Tango at the Ghent Festival of Flanders. The four virtuosos have been celebrated by dancers at international tango festivals in Hamburg, Oldenburg and Leipzig, including appearances with prestigious dance couples such as Michelle & Joachim (Basel), Alejandra & Mariano (Madrid), Gastón & Moira (Buenos Aires) and Claudia & Matias (Berlin).
Profound instrumental skills paired with a common curiosity to explore different genres unite the four musicians of the Cuarteto SolTango.
Its initiator Martin Klett is known as an international prize- winner and a pianist with many faces, who teaches at the conservatoires of Leipzig and Detmold today.
The dutch cellist Karel Bredenhorst, also a founding member, performs not just as a versatile chamber musician, but also in experimental crossover projects.
Violinist Thomas Reif has been appointed concertmaster of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra at the age of 26, after receiving numerous international awards.
The bandoneon is played by the Norwegian Andreas Rokseth, who has graduated as the best bandoneonist in the history of the Codarts University Rotterdam and who has thrilled the Argentine audience at the Buenos Aires Festival y Mundial with his Duo Julie & Andreas (Harp & Bandoneon).
LEONEL CAPITANO He was born in Rosario (Santa Fe) Argentina, at the time of one of the deepest crisis of the genre. The influence of his maternal grandfather (Loco Castro, who was goalkeeper of Newell’s Old Boys and Boca Juniors) made him begin to sing tangos when he was only three.
His activity as soloist began in 2000, associated on occasions with music players of the level of Joel Tortul, Octavio Brunetti and Cristian Gustafsson, among others.

In his interpretive aspect he presents distinctive features that are scarcely usual. Like Rubén Juárez he sings accompanying himself on bandoneon. He has a tenor range and a deep warm voice.
He is a complete artist: bandoneonist, composer, researcher, broadcaster and educator. He is one of the founders of the Centro Cultural 1380, member of the group La Novata and author of the project ARDE TROYA (tango artists of Rosario and its surroundings). He is also member of the associations MUTAR (Músicos tangueros rosarinos) and ATAR (Asociación tanguera Antonio Ríos).
by Lautaro Kaller

Cuarteto SolTango
Leonel Capitano: vocals

1. Vieja Recova
2. Desvelo
3. Mientras gime el Bandoneon
4. Copas, Amigas y Besos
5. A la Luz del Candil
6. Flor de Lino (Vals)
7. Farol
8. Vamos Corazon
9. Doble Castigo
10. En Carne Propia
11. Chique
12. Sin Lagrimas
13. De Vuelta al Bulin
14. Milonga Triste
15. Ropa Blanca (Milonga)
16. El Ultimo Organito

wydano: 01 September 2023
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Cuarteto SolTango & Leonel Capitano
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