Dan Wilson: Things Eternal

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Modern Jazz / Indie Jazz
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Guitarist/composer Dan Wilson has never lost sight of the people and communities that have nurtured him along his journey. The warmth and wisdom passed down through his close-knit family; the musical mentorship embedded in the mission of the gospel church that awakened his passion for music; the enduring influence of forebears from Charlie Christian to Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass to George Benson; and the opportunities granted by modern masters like Joey DeFrancesco and Christian McBride, who have recognized and encouraged his soulful gifts.
On his fourth album as a leader, Things Eternal, Wilson takes stock of the lessons learned from each of those rich sources, ensuring that their legacy lives on through him even as some of them pass on.

Dan Wilson (guitar)
Growing up in Akron, Ohio, Dan Wilson spent the majority of his youth within the church community, where his musical path began. Traces of his major guitar influences – including Wes Montgomery, Charlie Christian, Joe Pass, and George Benson to name a few – can be discerned through his playing, but his musical identity has been shaped by everything from gospel and blues to traditional jazz, hip-hop and horn players like Sonny Rollins and Joe Henderson. After graduating from Hiram College, Wilson made his recording debut with pianist Joe McBride and performed to worldwide acclaim with Joey DeFrancesco and Christian McBride’s Tip City, eventually recording his debut as a leader To Whom It May Concern. Wilson has had the honor of sharing the stage with jazz greats including Eric Marienthal, Russell Malone, Les McCann, René Marie, Jeff Hamilton, David Sanborn and Dave Stryker. He also teaches jazz guitar and music theory through private lessons.

Dan Wilson: guitar
Glenn Zaleski: Fender Rhodes
Brandon Rose: bass
David Throckmorton: drums

Theron Brown: organ (tracks 11, 12)
Nigel Hall: vocals (track 12)
Durrell LeGrair: vocals (tracks 8, 12)
Tommy Lehman: vocals (tracks 8, 12)
Jessica Yafanaro: vocals (tracks 6, 8, 12)

Producers: Dan Wilson and Christian McBride

1. Sticology 06:21
2. Since a Hatchet Was a Hammer 05:03
3. Eleanor Rigby 05:58
4. For Tomorrow Bass Intro 01:44
5. For Tomorrow 09:33
6. Things Eternal 05:06
7. Bird Like 05:16
8. Smile Please 05:14
9. Tell Me a Bedtime Story 07:25
10. Pilgrimage Intro 02:17
11. Pilgrimage 06:30
12. Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot 06:00

wydano: 02 June 2023
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Brother Mister Productions (USA)
Dan Wilson
Things Eternal
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