Tom Waits: Swordfishtrombones [Vinyl 1LP]

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Indie Pop / Avant Pop / Muzyka alternatywna
premiera polska:
kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: Singlefoldowe etui
[...] Mniej jazzu, funku, nawet tak charakterystycznego fortepianu. Więcej instrumentów bassowych i perkusyjnych. Zmieniły się także opowieści Waitsa. Zamiast sentymentalno - melancholijnych historii o nieszczęśliwych i zniszczonych przez przeciwności losu ludziach żyjących w oparach whisky i tytoniowego dymu, zaczął skupiać się na dziwacznych, nieco surrealistycznych motywach. Inspiracji dostarczały telewizja, gazety, opowieści przyjaciół. [...]

Editor's info:
Swordfishtrombones was the start of a new artistic era for the acclaimed singer-songwriter Tom Waits, who both wrote and produced the now timeless album, his first for Island Records. To commemorate the 40th anniversary of its release, the album is remastered for the first time ever from the original EQ’ed ½ production master tape. Referenced as the first album in the “trilogy” – followed by Rain Dogs, and Franks Wild Years. Available on 180g black vinyl.

Detailed Description:
2023 Marks forty years since Tom Waits released Swordfishtrombones, ushering in a new and critically acclaimed musical era for Waits and his longtime songwriting and production partner, Brennan. Waits went from ‘70’s-era “bluesy, boozy” wordsmith and melodist with seven albums behind him to sound sculptor, miner of the subconscious, abstract orchestrator, sonic cubist—while retaining his innate lyricism, melodic invention, humanity. As he put it in a 1983 interview: “I tried to listen to the noise in my head and invent some junkyard orchestral deviation—a mutant apparatus to drive this noise into a wreck collection.” It’s a Waits-arranged pastiche, a variety of atmospheres from different sound planets. There is the warped, marching-army-ants music of “Underground,” an imitating chant about people living below cities, but there was also the poignancy of the spare piano ballad, “Soldier’s Things,” the good bar yarn, “Frank’s Wild Years”, the tender, minimalist paean to Waits’ wife and muse, Kathleen, “Johnsburg, Illinois,” and the raggedy anthem to neighborhood chaos, “In the Neighborhood.”

“On Swordfishtrombones, Waits has made a breakthrough – he’s found music as evocative as his words. Waits’s grumble of a voice now bounces off a peculiar assortment of horns and percussion and organ and keyboards, as if he’d led a Salvation Army band into a broken-down Hong Kong disco. It’s as if he’s shifted from monologues to screenplays…” - Jon Parales January 1984 - GQ Magazine

The album is newly remastered for the first time ever from the original EQ’ed ½” production master tape and personally overseen by Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan. Mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering under the guidance of Waits’ longtime audio engineer, Karl Derfler. The album packaging has also been restored. Available on 180g black vinyl.

Tom Waits – vocals (1:1–2, 1:4–7, 2:2–7), chair (1:2), Hammond B-3 organ (1:3), piano (1:4, 2:5, 2:8), harmonium (1:6, 2:1), synthesizer (1:6), freedom bell (1:6)
Victor Feldman – bass marimba (1:1–2), marimba (1:2, 2:3), shaker (1:2), bass drum with rice (1:2), bass boo bams (1:3), Brake drum (1:5), bell plate (1:5), snare (1:5, 2:4), Hammond B-3 organ (1:7), snare drum (1:7), bells (1:7), conga (2:3), bass drum (2:3), Dabuki drum (2:3), tambourine (2:4), African talking drum (2:7)
Larry Taylor – acoustic bass (1:1–2, 1:5, 1:7, 2:2, 2:4, 2:6–7), electric bass (2:3)
Randy Aldcroft – baritone horn (1:1, 1:7), trombone (1:2)
Stephen Taylor Arvizu Hodges – drums (1:1–2, 1:5, 2:4, 2:6), parade drum (1:7), cymbals (1:7), parade bass drum (2:7), glass harmonica (2:8)
Fred Tackett – electric guitar (1:1, 1:2, 1:5, 2:6), banjo (1:2)
Francis Thumm – metal aunglongs (1:2), glass harmonica (2:8)
Greg Cohen – bass (1:4), acoustic bass (2:3, 2:5, 2:8)
Joe Romano – trombone (1:5), trumpet (2:1)
Anthony Clark Stewart – bagpipes (1:6)
Clark Spangler – synthesizer program (1:6)
Bill Reichenbach Jr. – trombone (1:7)
Dick Hyde – trombone (1:7)
Ronnie Barron – Hammond organ (2:2)
Eric Bikales – organ (2:4)
Carlos Guitarlos – electric guitar (2:4)
Richard Gibbs – glass harmonica (2:8)

A1. Underground
A2. Shore Leave
A3. Dave The Butcher
A4. Johnsburg, Illinois
A5. 16 Shells From A 30.6
A6. Town With No Cheer
A7. In The Neighbourhood
B1. Just Another Sucker On The Vine
B2. Frank's Wild Years
B3. Swordfishtrombone
B4. Down, Down, Down
B5. Soldier's Things
B6. Gin Soaked Boy
B7. Trouble's Braids
B8. Rainbirds

wydano: 2023-09-22 (1983)
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Tom Waits
Swordfishtrombones [Vinyl 1LP]
Vinyl 1LP
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