Puccini: Madama Butterfly [2CD]

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Editor's info:
Madama Butterfly appears on EMI Classics for the first time in many years in a new studio recording. The role of Cio-Cio-San is stunningly performed by Angela Gheorghiu, partnered by the exciting young German tenor Jonas Kaufmann as her lover Pinkerton, both making their debuts in these roles. Suzuki is sung by Enkelejda Shkosa, Sharpless by Fabio Capitanucci and Goro by Gregory Bonfatti. Antonio Pappano conducts the Orchestra e Coro dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in the two-act opera. The recording took place in the Santa Cecilia Hall of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome in July 2008, the year commemorating the 150th anniversary of Puccini’s birth.
Angela Gheorghiu, commenting at the conclusion of the recording sessions, said, “It is the culmination of a long-held dream for me to record the role of Cio-Cio-San. Puccini’s music always touches me very deeply. In Madama Butterfly, as in all his operas, Puccini shows a great understanding of how human beings, and especially women, think and feel. Working together with Tony Pappano, Jonas Kaufmann and the rest of the cast in this recording has been a great joy.”

BBC Music Magazine * * * *
In many respects Gheorghiu's singing reminds me of Callas's: in Act I they both adopt a 'little girl' voice, and in Act II they both sound more mature… so that by the tragic climax they present a strong personality in full possession of her destiny. This is Gheorghiu's greatest achievement on disc. Jonas Kaufmann as the winning, faithless Pinkerton is on tremendous form, too...

Classic FM Magazine * * * * *
Jonas Kaufmann makes Pinkerton an attractive creature of instinct and youth rather than a callous egotist.

Gramophone Magazine
Gheorghiu somehow conveys not only the depth of Butterfly's love but also her inner knowledge that, in fact, her belief in Pinkerton's devotion is hopeless. This is a mature interpretation which suggests strength above all, so that the touches of vulnerability are added with subtlety. ...Jonas Kaufmann is an ardent Pinkerton... Enkelejda Shkosa is a vivid Suzuki and Fabio Capitanucci the sympathetic Sharpless. ...Antonio Pappano takes a less driven and melodramatic way with the score than Karajan in his three recordings; it's nearer in mood to Barbirolli... though there is no lack of passion at the great climaxes - just listen to the spine-tingling moment of the sighting of the ship.

Penguin Guide
a resounding success. Pappano's natural feeling for the phrasing and dynamic shading of Puccini's great melodies is here enhanced by having an Italian chorus and orchestra...Un bel di has rarely been so richly or securely sung in a complete Butterfly...[Kaufmann] seems totally comfortable in the Italian text and, like Gheorghiu, brings out many detailed excellent choice in a very competitive field.

Sunday Times
A German tenor might have been a controversial choice for the caddish Lieutenant Pinkerton in Puccini’s Japanese tragedy, but Kaufmann’s dark, ringing tenor gives greater substance than usual to this shadowy, unsympathetic role, and his Italian is idiomatic.

The Guardian * * * * epoch-making performance from Jonas Kaufmann as Pinkerton - psychologically the most complete on disc...Antonio Pappano stresses the tense, irresolute quality of the score by following a dangerously erotic account of the first act with an implacably bleak performance of the second. It won't be to everyone's taste, though Kaufmann is essential listening.

Angela Gheorghiu (Butterfly), Jonas Kaufmann (Pinkerton), Enkelejda Shkosa (Suzuki), Fabio Capitanucci (Sharpless), Gregory Bonfatti (Goro) & Raymond Aceto (Bonzo)
Orchestra e Coro dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, Antonio Pappano

1. Act One: E Soffitto ... E Pareti 3:00
2. Act One: Sorride Vostro Onore? 3:18
3. Act One: Dovunque Al Mondo 3:08
4. Act One: Ed È Bella La Sposa? 2:02
5. Act One: Ier L'Altro, Il Consolato Sen' Venne A Visitar! 2:06
6. Act One: Ah! Ah! Quanto Cielo! Quanto Mar! 3:24
7. Act One: Gran Ventura 3:43
8. Act One: L'Imperial Commissario 2:59
9. Act One: Vieni, Amor Mio! 2:45
10. Act One: Ieri Son Salita Tutta Sola 1:57
11. Act One: Tutti Zitti! 1:42
12. Act One: Auguri Molti 1:39
13. Act One: Cio-Cio-San! Abbominazione! 2:17
14. Act One: Bimba, Non Piangere 2:02
15. Act One: Viene La Sera 3:36
16. Act One: Bimba Dagli Occhi Pieni Di Malia 3:36
17. Act One: Vogliatemi Bene, Un Bene Piccolino 7:12
18. Act Two: Introduction (Allegretto Mosso) 1:13
19. Act Two: E Izaghi E Izanami 5:51
20. Act Two: Un Bel Di Vedremo 4:26

1. Act Two: C'È Etrate 3:29
2. Act Two: Non Io Sapete Insomma 5:48
3. Act Two: Ora A Noi. Sedete Qui 3:11
4. Act Two: Due Cose Potrei Far 2:06
5. Act Two: Ah! M'Ha Scordata? 2:00
6. Act Two: Sai Cos'Ebbe Cuore Di Pensare 3:17
7. Act Two: Io Scendo Al Piano 1:40
8. Act Two: Vespa! Rospo Maledetto! 1:41
9. Act Two: Una Nave Da Guerra 2:22
10. Act Two: Scuoti Quella Fronda Di Ciliegio 4:57
11. Act Two: Or Vienmi Ad Adornar 3:11
12. Act Two: Nello Shosi Or Farem Tre Forellini 2:05
13. Act Two: Intermezzo. Coro A Bocca Chiusa 2:57
14. Act Two: Introduction. Andante Sostenuto - Andante Molto Lento 4:53
15. Act Two: Oh Eh! Oh Eh! Oh Eh! 0:59
16. Act Two: Introduction (Following). Allegro Moderato 1:41
17. Act Two: Già Il Sole! Cio-Cio-San... 1:57
18. Act Two: Povera Butterfly! 2:57
19. Act Two: Io So Che Alle Sue Pene ... Oh! L'Amara Fragranza 2:01
20. Act Two. Act Two: Non Ve L'Avevo Detto? 1:43
21. Act Two: Addio, Fiorito Asil 1:48
22. Act Two: Glielo Dirai? 4:36
23. Act Two: Vespa! Voglio Che Tu Risponda 3:45
24. Act Two: Come Una Mosca Prigioniera 3:29
25. Act Two: Tu? Tu Piccolo Iddio! 1:53
26. Act Two: Va. Gioca, Gioca 2:28

wydano: 2nd Mar 2009
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Warner Classics
Giacomo Puccini (1858–1924)
Orchestra e Coro dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, Antonio Pappano
Puccini: Madama Butterfly [2CD]
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