Benedetto Marcello: Sinfonias & Cantatas

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Barokowa Muzyka Klasyczna
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kontynent: Europa
opakowanie: Jewelcaseowe etui

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Deutsche Harmonia Mundi zaprasza do wysłuchania kolejnego albumu w wykonaniu doskonałego szwajcarskiego zespołu muzyki dawnej La Floridiana. Tym razem usłyszymy ponownie odkrywane skarby włoskiej muzyki barokowej autorstwa Benedetto Marcello (1686-1739), brata kompozytora Alessandro Marcello. Urodzony w Wenecji w rodzinie szlacheckiej, Benedetto Marcello stał się cenionym kompozytorem swoich czasów, uznawanego za autora ponad 300 kantat rozsianych po najważniejszych bibliotekach muzycznych Europy i Ameryki.

Editor's Info:
With her wonderful soprano, Nuria Rial is one of the unmistakable voices of baroque music", Rondo praises the Catalan soprano. Together with the early music ensemble La Floridiana under Nicoleta Paraschivescu, Nuria Rial presents great treasures of Italian baroque music. As she did for her last album with dhm, "Giuseppe Sandoni", conductor and harpsichordist Nicoleta Paraschivescu has once again discovered great, previously hidden vocal and instrumental music - this time by Benedetto Marcello (1686-1739), brother of the composer Alessandro Marcello. Born in Venice into a noble family, Benedetto Marcello was a renowned composer of his time. His enormous musical output, which included operas, church music and instrumental music, was admired by subsequent composers such as Telemann, Rossini, Chopin and Verdi. Over 300 cantatas are attributed to him and can be found in the most important music libraries in Europe and America, four of which have now been recorded by Nuria Rial for this album. Three cantatas for soprano and basso continuo are even world premiere recordings and represent real highlights. They come from a manuscript decorated with magnificent drawings and deal with the classical theme of the separation of lovers with the hope of their reunion. The cantata "Non son morta nel partire" dispenses with the extended coloratura typical of the baroque period and remains almost entirely in cheerful E flat major. "Ti sento, amor, ti sento" as well as "A voi prati felici" are heartbreaking laments about unrequited love. The wonderful cantata "Qual turbine improvviso" evokes the towering clouds and the unleashing of the winds over the sea as a metaphor of the perilous journey across the "sea of love" through the impetuous strings that repeatedly interrupt the singing voice. The ensemble also presents five short, fantastic instrumental symphonies that were probably originally part of serenades, intermezzi, oratorios and cantatas. Here they are each intended as an instrumental introduction to the cantatas, quite a common way of using them at the time. This album is an absolute must for lovers of Baroque music and a valuable contribution to the preservation of Benedetto Marcello's musical heritage.

Nuria Rial (soprano)
La Floridiana
Nicoleta Paraschivescu: conductor

Marcello, B: A voi prati felici, SelM A4
Marcello, B: Non son morta nel partire, SF A213
Marcello, B: Qual turbine improvviso, SF A266
Marcello, B: Sinfonia a quattro No. 1 in B flat major, SF C781
Marcello, B: Sinfonia a quattro No. 2 in A major, SF C777
Marcello, B: Sinfonia a quattro No. 3 in G major, SF C778
Marcello, B: Sinfonia a quattro No. 4 in G major, SF C779
Marcello, B: Sinfonia a quattro No. 5 in D major, SF C776
Marcello, B: Ti sento, Amor, ti sento, SelM A350a

wydano: 21st Jun 2023



Deutsche Harmonia Mundi (DE)
Benedetto Marcello (1686–1739)
La Floridiana, Nuria Rial, Nicoleta Paraschivescu
Benedetto Marcello: Sinfonias & Cantatas
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