Brian Eno: RAMS - Original Soundtrack

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Avant Garde, Experimental, Ambient
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Editor's Info:
First time on CD for the complete original soundtrack to Brian Eno’s score for 'Rams’ – Gary Hustwit’s 2018 documentary portrait of legendary German industrial designer, Dieter Rams.
Housed in a card sleeve with a full colour printed inner bag.
Eno scored the soundtrack to an intimate documentary about Dieter Rams, one of the most influential designers in history. It takes an unprecedented look at the life and legacy of the man responsible for so many iconic designs and in line with the aesthetic of the film, the director Gary Hustwit asked Brian to write the original score because of “a connection between Dieter's design sensibility and Brian’s music."
One of the tracks from Rams OST, ‘Design as Reduction’ is also featured in Eno’s recent ‘Film Music 1976 - 2020’ album. Film Music is a first ever collection of music from Brian Eno’s film and TV soundtrack oeuvre and features classic compositions, lesser-known gems and previously unreleased tracks, for films by directors including Michelangelo Antonioni, Michael Mann, Peter Jackson, Derek Jarman and David Lynch. Whilst it was released in the rest of the world in November 2020,‘ Film music 1976 – 2020’ will also be made available on CD and 12” double vinyl LP in the US for the first time on January 22nd.

All music is taken from the documentary film Rams, produced and directed by Gary Hustwit.
December 2020 limited edition CD issue of the album released last August for RSD.
Shrink-wrapped square cardboard sleeve with inner cardboard sleeve containing the CD inside an anti-static plastic sleeve.

1. Bright Clouds Of Metal 4:23
2. Harmonic Guitar 3:27
3. Unusual Temperament 5:32
4. A Warm Sweet Bed 1:27
5. Beautiful Metals 2:21
6. Designer Piano 3:30
7. Generative Lounge 4:28
8. Design As Reduction 4:22
9. Al'Khwarizmi Piano 3:49
10. Shimmering Future 1:45
11. For A New Design 5:09

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Brian Eno
Brian Eno
RAMS - Original Soundtrack
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