Valentin Ceccaldi, Luis Lopes, Fulco Ottervanger, Étienne Ziemniak: Bonbon Flamme

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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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opakowanie: Gatefoldowe etui

Editor's Info:
It’s about colors and intensity here.
The cellist Valentin Ceccaldi invites three of the most singular and creative musicians of the European improvised music scene; the explosive drums of Etienne Ziemniak, the incandescent guitar of Luis Lopes and the rainbow keyboards of Fulco Ottervanger. Together they create a music of surprise: solar, powerful and generous.
The composition "Bonbon Flamme", a sort of symphonic poem that names this album and the band, is an agglomeration of notes, words and drawings skillfully built, allowing each one to spread out, like a flower in spring, within a piece of music in which each personality is essential to the other.
This record is a kind of a self-portrait, with four voices, pulverising references then recomposing them with bright colors and a commitment of body and spirit cherished by the four builders.
Bonbon Flamme is a delight.
A fluorescent, raging and burning delight.
by Guillaume Malvoisin, april 23.

Étienne Ziemniak: drums, voice
Fulco Ottervanger: piano, keyboards, voice
Luis Lopes: guitar
Valentin Ceccaldi: cello

1. inside the shrimp cocktail 04:11
2. shake the egg incantation 02:21
3. ritournelle 06:36
4. la lalala la «grandiose» 00:22
5. bonn. bonn? 04:18
6. from broken bones to open egg celebration 04:39
7. stars and nails 01:03
8. hammer on the nails 03:49
9. chanson 00:05
10. l’amour de saint valentin 03:17
11. a static elephant, floating in the universe 01:59
12. international anthem en forme de bonbon flamme 10:17
13. DE ZON, DE NUIT 09:49

wydano: July 2023
nagrano: Recorded 1st-2nd february 2023 at Le Petit Faucheux, Tours, France

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Clean Feed (POR)
Valentin Ceccaldi, Luis Lopes, Fulco Ottervanger, Étienne Ziemniak
Bonbon Flamme
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