Emanuele Parrini, Samo Šalamon & Vasco Trilla: Eating Poetry

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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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Editor's Info:
"Eating Poetry" is a great improvisation trio session of three fantastic improvisers from three different European countries. Samo Salamon (Slovenia) has this time played exclusively acoustic guitars – 6 and 12-string. Especially the 12-string guitar is a hugely underrated instrument in the improvising context. Naturally, names such as Ralph Towner or Marc Ducret come to mind, but still Salamon has quite a unique approach to the instrument. Salamon has teamed with two incredible musicians for this record - Vasco Trilla (Spain), who is one of the most active improvising drummers, and Emanuele Parrini (Italy), who is a monster violin player with a notable sound and technique. The music is incredibly intense, yet also very quiet and emotional, at times almost lyrical. All three players listen to each other with open years and create a wonderful sound world. Also the unique combination of violin, acoustic guitars and percussion/drums helps to achieve it.
Samo Šalamon has so far released 39 albums as a leader for recognized labels, such as Clean Feed, Fresh Sound New Talent, Steeplechase, NotTwo and Splasch as well as played, recorded and toured with recognized jazz musicians, such as Howard Levy, Tim Berne, Paul McCandless, Mark Turner, Bob Moses, Arild Andersen, Michel Godard, John Hollenbeck, Drew Gress, Nguyen Le, Tony Malaby, Mark Helias, Tom Rainey, Dave Binney, Josh Roseman, John Hebert, Donny McCaslin, Dominique Pifarely, Gerald Cleaver, Tyshawn Sorey, Christian Lillinger, Pascal Niggenkemper, Stefano Battaglia, and others. The prestigious publishing house Penguin Books (Brian Morton & Richard Cook: The Penguin Jazz Guide - The History of the Music in the 1001 Best Albums (Penguin Books, 2011) has in 2011 ranked Samo Salamon's CD Ornethology among the 1001 best albums in the history of jazz along the jazz giants.
Emanuele Parrini is one of the most outstanding European violinists in jazz and improvised music. In his long career he has collaborated with many jazz greats, such as Cecil Taylor, Amiri Baraka, John Tchicai, Anthony Braxton, William Parker, Butch Morris, Marc Ribot, Cameron Brown, Keith Tippet, Ernst Reijseger, and others.
Vasco Trilla is one of the most in demand drummers in europe these days. A master of the instrument and a great bandleader and sideman has played with musicians like Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Andrea Centazzo, Mars Williams, Peter Evans, Rodrigo Amado, Marshall Allen, Susana Santos Silva, and others.

Emanuele Parrinic: violin
Samo Šalamon: 6 and 12-string guitar
Vasco Trilla: drums and percussion

1. bicycles and mullberries 06:18
2. smudges around my mouth 04:14
3. my beaming smile 04:36
4. no stains in life 03:06
5. a red mulberry for a lover 04:18
6. stains on my skin 04:04
7. we can look from hearts into eyes 11:48

wydano: July 2023
nagrano: Recorded May 2021

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Clean Feed (POR)
Emanuele Parrini, Samo Šalamon & Vasco Trilla
Eating Poetry
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