William Evans, Roberto Koch, Jorge Rossy: Quiet Journey

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Mainstream Jazz / Piano Jazz
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The Journey
The genesis for this project which was very challenging and enjoyable to say the least, took shape over an extended period of time. Fortunately, Roberto and I weren't under any immediate pressure to come up with suitable material for a duo recording; which in turn, allowed the entire process to move at a very relaxed and productive pace. Needless to say, having enough time to work on different thoughts, opinions, and ideas --- as opposed to dealing with strict "over the shoulder" deadlines can be a huge advantage. Especially when faced with the demanding (and sometimes unforgiving) atmosphere of working in a recording studio.

Playing in duo formation requires a certain fundamental knowledge of knowing how to communicate directly with one another regardless of the instrumentation. It is basically 2 people having a musical conversation by "speaking" through their respective instruments. Certainly, easier said than done; especially when one is faced with the task of actually having to do it.

After careful thought and considerable deliberation --- all of the songs for this recording due to their beautiful melodic, harmonic, & lyrical content, were chosen as vehicles for duo interpretation; although each composition certainly has its own individual character and narrative. As a collection, each song has a certain soft, gentle, quiet, feeling; a sonic kinship of sorts, that emanates clearly throughout the entire recording. The melodies for these songs are all straight from the heart; which, needless to say, makes them all quite memorable. The composers for these songs are natives of 5 different countries! How's that for a journey? Brazil, England, Venezuela, Cuba and the U.S.A. After listening to the final mix, combining the natural ambience of each song with the social & cultural background of each composer seemed like a logical idea; and thus, the title "Quiet Journey" was born.
The inimitable Jorge Rossy joins us for 2 Trio tunes to compliment the duo arrangements. He works his magic on "Rio" (W. Shorter), and the 1943 standard "While We're Young" (M. Palitz, A. Wilder, & W. Engvick). Jorge's knowledge, dedication, and respect for improvisation-based music speaks for itself. You hear it right away. Off and on, we've worked together for over 15 years. (I cannot believe how quickly time passes! Where the hell does it go?) Jorge's attention to detail and understanding of how to play in a rhythm section is insanely consistent; which makes playing with him a real pleasure regardless of the musical circumstances. Yo, Jordi you're the cat!
The music that Roberto & I have chosen for this recording is very near and dear to us both. Each song speaks in a quiet, but very dynamic way. In a way perhaps, that can cause one to reflect on certain things. The past, the present, even the future. Perhaps. Sometimes, music can have that type of effect. The possibilities are endless. Time, rhythm, sound, distance, language, emotion, nature, seasons, silence, are all integral components of music. This collection of songs offers a clear testament to that undeniable fact.
It gives us great pride & humility to share this music. We sincerely hope you enjoy "Quiet Journey".
William Evans, November 2022

William Evans (piano)
Roberto Koch (double bass)
Jorge Rossy (drums)

01. A felicidade 05:03
02. Who Can I Turn To 06:50
03. Alisios 05:53
04. Lament 07:30
05. En la orilla del mundo 07:44
06. Quiet Now 07:13
07. The Old Country 07:31
08. Rio 06:24
09. While We're Young 05:58
10. A Circle of Silence 05:39

wydano: 2023-04
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TCB The Montreux Jazz Label
William Evans, Roberto Koch, Jorge Rossy
Quiet Journey
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