Naama Liany: Daydream

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Klasyczna Muzyka Wokalna / Pieśni
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Editor's info:
For French-Israeli Mezzo-Soprano Naama Liany, every song is an opportunity for connection. Liany's life story bridges continents, leading from her native Israel to New York City to Paris to her current home in Luxembourg. Her acclaimed programs of 20th century repertoire span styles and decades, finding common ground between Milhaud and Gershwin, Mompou and Bernstein. Most importantly, her performances and supernal voice vividly communicate the emotional heart of the music with audiences across the world. Daydream is a stunning example, as Liany and pianist Rosalia Lopéz Sanchez bring together works on the subject of dreams by Samuel Barber, Leonard Bernstein, Federico Mompou and Albena Petrovic. This work was developed with the support of the prestigious Philharmonie Luxembourg and recorded at their magnificent facilities with the help of an award from the country's Ministry of Culture.
...heavenly voice... CITY MAGAZINE, LUXEMBOURG
"One of today's most promising singers." - Jonet (Netherlands)

Naama Liany - Mezzo Soprano
Rosalia Lopéz Sanchez - Piano


1. Albena Petrovic- The Piano Blue: Александру Блоку, Alexandru Bloku 3:38
2. Albena Petrovic- The Piano Blue: Heimlich zur Nacht 3:28
3. Frederic Mompou -Combat del Somni: I. Damunt de tu només les flors 3:36
4. Frederic Mompou -Combat del Somni: II. Aquesta nit 2:51
5. Frederic Mompou -Combat del Somni: III. Jo et pressentia com la mar 1:59
6. Samuel Barber- Despite and Still, Op.41: I. A Last Song 2:18
7. Samuel Barber- Despite and Still, Op.41: II. My Lizard 1:09
7. Samuel Barber- Despite and Still, Op.41: III. In the Wilderness 3:12
9. Samuel Barber- Despite and Still, Op.41: IV. Solitary Hotel 2:34
10. Samuel Barber- Despite and Still, Op.41: V. Despite and Still 1:33
11. Leonard Bernstein -I Hate Music!: I. My Name Is Barbara 0:50
12. Leonard Bernstein -I Hate Music!: II. Jupiter Has Seven Moons 1:17
13. Leonard Bernstein -I Hate Music!: III. I Hate Music! 1:36
14. Leonard Bernstein -I Hate Music!: IV. A Big Indian and a Little Indian 0:55
15. Leonard Bernstein -I Hate Music!: V. I'm a Person Too 2:04

wydano: 2023-05
nagrano: Recorded at Philharmonie Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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Origin Classical (USA)
Albena Petrovic, Frederic Mompou, Samuel Barber, Leonard Bernstein
Naama Liany
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