Robin de Raaff: Orphic Descent

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How is it that music that is so precise and obviously well organised can at the same time move with unforced, almost improvisational fluidity? And how can it be that atonal music sounds so natural and accessible? It's because De Raaff's music is nature itself; geometrically and architecturally stylised music it may be, but no different to the way a tree puts out its branches or how a leaf forms its veins. No different to the cosmologic nature of constellations, wave patterns on water, the pictorial architecture of a murmuration of starlings or a shoal of fish. In De Raaff's work calculation and spontaneity merge into a single, monumental but never massive whole.

Imagery is also initially transformed into sound in the three works on this CD. Circulus, De Raaff's second piano concerto, deals with the circularity of time. In his Orphic Descent, an Orpheus-like figure descends, never to climb back, because it is Euridice – or whoever she is –who does this; high, low, to, fro, light, depth, pattern and chaos, movement. And the Second Violin Concerto (2019) focuses on a dazzling, moving light, a play of light and water.

Opus Klassiek, 01-6-2023
"(…) the phenomenal way in which Lawrence Renes encourages the members of the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra to play both extremely subtle and sharply marked. The latter also applies to the two other conductors, Matthias Pintscher (also a composer of great importance, by the way) and Marc Albrecht, who not only shows that the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra is well versed in the contemporary repertoire, but no less so does the Netherlands Philharmonic, which certainly nails the performance under Albrecht, almost as if this music has been in their DNA for decades. I already mentioned the soloists, you couldn't ask for more as a composer! They too play their huge part as if it has been part of their spiritual property for an unforeseeable time. In short: a top production!"

Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra
Marc Albrecht (conductor)
Lawrence Renes (conductor)
Matthias Pintscher (conductor)

01. Piano Concerto No. 2 “Circulus” 27:02
02. Orphic descent 05:41
03. Violin Concerto No. 2 “North Atlantic Light” 25:00

wydano: 2023-05
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Challenge Classics
Robin de Raaff (b. 1968)
Robin de Raaff (b. 1968)
Robin de Raaff: Orphic Descent
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