Isabelle van Keulen, Oliver Triendl - Grigory Frid: The Complete Works for Violin and Piano

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Oliver Triendl: My first encounter with the instrumental music of Grigory Samuilovich Frid (1915-2012) occurred around fifteen years ago. It was at this time that Hans-Ulrich Duffek, the former director of the Sikorski music publishing company, showed me the scores of some chamber-music and orchestral works by this almost entirely unknown composer. My enthusiasm for Frid’s music came to the attention of Stefan Lang – the editor at the culture-oriented German radio station Deutschlandfunk Kultur to whom the musical world owes many important discoveries – so that the two of us were able to set up plans also for the recording of certain of the works of this long-neglected composer.

Frid’s works for violin and piano allow us to trace the composer’s stylistic development over a period of some twenty-five years. Thus, whereas his earlier work is to be situated in the tradition of Shostakovich, his later compositions are stylistically much closer to the work of Edison Denisov, Sofia Gubaidulina and Alfred Schnittke. “Dark”, “autumnal”, “ruminative”, “sarcastic” – it is such notions as these that first occur to me as I listen to Frid’s music.

Isabelle van Keulen: In summer 2019, Oliver had managed to get together quite a few scores of Frid’s music for violin and piano and we organised a “read-through” session, in which we both were reduced to tears several times by the sheer strength and diversity of this incredible music…. Both the violin sonatas and pieces but also the viola pieces – that will be released in an upcoming disc - bear witness to a deeply sensitive, profoundly sad composer; music with sometimes unbearably long lines and huge tension, only to then lighten up again.

Opus Klassiek, 01-5-2023
Isabelle van Keulen is one of the few who has enjoyed an international reputation on both the violin and the viola for almost four decades. Oliver Triendl proves once again with his meticulous playing that he possesses an exquisite instinct for neglected repertoire that really matters. The sequel with the complete works for viola and piano cannot release soon enough."

Isabelle van Keulen (violin)
Oliver Triendl (piano)

01. Divertimento Op. 45, No. 1: I. [Prelude] Moderato energico - Cantabile - Tempo I - L’istesso tempo 03:18
02. Divertimento Op. 45, No. 1: II. [Stroll and Storm] Allegretto - Poco sostenuto 03:07
03. Divertimento Op. 45, No. 1: III. Andante sostenuto 03:07
04. Andantino 03:11
05. Sonatina Op. 32: I. Allegretto 03:51
06. Sonatina Op. 32: II. Andante 01:52
07. Sonatina Op. 32: III. [Theme with variations]. Allegro 03:57
08. The Calendar of Nature Op. 17, No. 2: I. [Spring is Arriving] Andantino 00:56
09. The Calendar of Nature Op. 17, No. 2: II. [The Little Bird] Allegretto 00:55

wydano: 2023-05
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Challenge Classics
Grigory Frid (1915-2012)
Isabelle van Keulen, Oliver Triendl
Grigory Frid: The Complete Works for Violin and Piano
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