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Modern Jazz / Indie Jazz
premiera polska:
kontynent: Europa
kraj: Dania
opakowanie: Gatefoldowe etui

Editor's info:
Andorra members are all educated at the Funen Music Conservatory, and it has for a long time been a wish for all members to gather again for a common love of music. During the last years corona lockdown, the opportunity arose.
Since the time of the conservatory each of them have developed in all musical directions, but it has now resulted in a beautiful collaboration with great genre versatility which is expressed in their distinctive and grandiose sound.
Mads La Cour: Award-winning trumpeter / flugelhornist / cornetist. Employed in the DR Big Band as the 4th trumpeter. MLC is a very versatile musician and has with his own group “Almugi” released the records “quartet” and “Hule”. Received the award as Funen jazz musician of the year in 2007 and was awarded the P2 jazz award the same year. In 2009 he got a Danish Music Award for his debut release Mads la Cour "à la Cour" as the new name of the year.
Morten Jørgensen: Educated musician at the Funen Music Conservatory with a major in electric bass. He plays regularly with The White Album and Søren Huss.
Nikolaj Bundvig: Educated on drums at the Funen Music Conservatory. Has worked with Alex Canasta, Blue Foundation.
Simon Krebs: He is a graduated guitarist from the Funen Music Conservatory and has two critically acclaimed albums in his own name with original compositions and arrangements - ‘Blur’ and ‘Please Don’t Feed The Fears’. He has also recorded with names like Anders Mogensen, Julie Berthelsen and Tomasz Dabrowski. Received the award as Funen's jazz musician of the year in 2009.
Peter Kohlmetz Møller: Danish composer, pianist and producer living in Svendborg. Educated at the Funen Music Conservatory. Known for his genre-twisting work on synthesizers with The Eclectic Moniker, his compositions for Danmarks Radio’s documentary department and his work as a composer in many theater performances, including at Teater Momentum, Edison and the Royal Theatre Copenhagen.

Peter Kohlmetz Møller – Fender Rhodes, Ondes Martenot & Keyboards
Mads la Cour – Flugelhorn & Trumpet
Simon Krebs – Guitars
Nikolaj Bundvig – Drums
Morten Jørgensen – Bass

1. Travelling 06:25
2. Orbit 07:33
3. The Abandoned Circus 07:11
4. The Poet 08:08
5. Manifolk 06:56
6. Trip One 04:30

wydano: Apr 22, 2022
nagrano: Recorded at Real Farm Studio, March 2021



April Records (DK)
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