I Just Came From The Moon: And Ud

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Modern Jazz / Indie Jazz
premiera polska:
kontynent: Europa
kraj: Dania
opakowanie: Gatefoldowe etui

Editor's info:
Ånd Ud is the second album from Danish jazzers I Just Came from the Moon. Following years of touring both nationally and internationally, the album is a natural follow up to the debut album ‘Hoax’, but also a more general reflection on growing up and settling down.
As Frederik, bass-player and bandleader puts it: “For us, all the songs on Ånd Ud navigate a world of both deep melancholy and natural beauty. There’s a lot of saying goodbye to your carefree youth in the music, mixed with a profound serenity when realizing that what lies ahead might be even better.”

The music was recorded in a tiny vacation home on the small island of Fur in Jutland. Just the band and one technician for a couple of extended weekends. Later, IJCFTM produced and mixed most of the music themselves. “We tried a few producers - and were super fortunate to have Stephen Koszler do the mix of ‘White’ (the first single) - but in the end, it felt the most natural to finalize the rest of the music ourselves. The songs are really personal, and we were absolutely sure how we needed them to sound.” says Tobias, who plays drums and ended up mixing most of the music.

The album will be released on the legendary and newly resurrected Danish jazz-label ‘April Records’ on February 25th, 2022, with three singles leading up to the release: Brothers (5th of November 2021), Dark Latin (10th of December 2021) and White (14th of January 2022).

Jonas Scheffler - Trumpet
Nis Myrtue - Saxophone & Clarinets
Nikolaj Bugge - Guitar
Frederik Hagner - Bass
Tobias Andreassen - Drums

1. White 04:26 video
2. Utke 03:21
3. Fossils 04:01
4. Dark Latin 04:53
5. Ånd ud 02:36
6. Mexico 05:02
7. Incendies 04:13
8. Brothers 04:08
9. Snowman 05:17

wydano: Apr 22, 2022
nagrano: Recorded on the island of Fur in Limfjorden, Denmark



April Records (DK)
I Just Came From The Moon
And Ud
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