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Indie Jazz / neo-soul
premiera polska:
kontynent: Europa
kraj: Dania
opakowanie: Gatefoldowe etui

Editor's info:
The future of jazz has always been shaped by young jazz musicians seeing new modes of expression.
And as the 21st Century has entered its third decade, a new generation of young jazz musicians from around the world show us that the music is in very good hands. Shaping the future of jazz for the generations to come, they’ll ensure that it never becomes stagnant.

From Copenhagen and Denmark, we are proud to introduce the new orchestra Tabloid. From their different musical backgrounds, the band members, Johannes Wamberg (guitar), Jonathan Bremer (bass), Oilly Wallace (saxophone), Felix Ewert (drums) and Malthe Rostrup (keys) has from day one made their footprints on the growing, roaring, and vibrant young Danish jazz scene. Without having released one song, they have already played a lot of sold-out shows, among others 3 days in a row during Copenhagen Jazz Festival. and many more are on the way.

The first album release will be the self-titled ‘Tabloid’ on the 17th of September 2021.
With simple melodies wrapped in a bit more complex harmonies, Tabloid gives us a modern 21st century jazz/soul. It’s no secret that Johannes Wamberg, the composer, is a fan of the American Jazz/funk/soul sound from the 70’es & 80’s but by adding the young band members background in classic jazz and the new Danish pop (soul) scene, they bring the sound up to date. The songs on the album are groovy (and danceable), but also includes ballads. On that background Tabloid invites us to either tap our feets or just lay back and enjoy the music and life.

Bonus info:
The Tabloid band members has known each other for a long time, almost back to childhood. The have gone to school, studied, and hanging out together. Even though they still are young, each of them has played in many different constellations over the years, and they all have made their own footprints and remarks on the music scene both nationally as internationally. E.g., Johannes Wamberg has tributed with his guitar on numerous recordings, Jonathan Bremer as a part of Bremer/McCoy, Oilly Wallace the Best New Jazz name of the Year 2016, Felix Ewert behind the drums for Julias Moon, Andreas Odbjerg, Nik & Jay and many more and Malthe Rostrup as part of the Jada crew. Finally, as Tabloid, they join forces!

1. I Love U 03:29
2. K 04:46
3. Kong Louis 04:09
4. Altid 04:23
5. Til stede 04:47
6. Île Flottante 05:26
7. Hey B 04:08
8. Ånder du stille 04:03
9. Salme 04:05

wydano: Apr 22, 2022
nagrano: Recorded at Voodoo Bug Studios, KlangHaus, MillFactor



April Records (DK)
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