André Carvalho: Lost in Translation, vol. II

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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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Editor's Info:
After the very well received “Lost in Translation”, André Carvalho continues his journey through the world of untranslatable words with a sequel.
Carvalho states that “you’ve certainly come across concepts for which we don't have a word in our language. This does not mean that it does not exist in another language and that another culture has created a term for such a concept. Learning such words can be a way for us to be able to express ourselves better, see the world through the eyes of others and have a greater awareness of the outside and inner world”. According to the bassist and composer, his fascination for untranslatable words started as a mere curiosity, but quickly became something compelling and, therefore, it made perfect sense to continue the project.
In this sequel, Carvalho reunites the trio formed by saxophonist José Soares and guitarist André Matos, his usual collaborators. Elected “Editor of 2022”, the Portuguese label Clean Feed Records will release “Lost in Translation - Vol. II" in March 31, 2023.
Described by Carvalho as a “contemplative, intimate and at the same time rough album”, this new volume will have seven compositions by its leader and one by André Matos, where improvisation, spontaneity and timbre-textural exploration are at the center of the trios’ sound. Returning to the idea that learning untranslatable words can be a bridge between cultures, the new album will include compositions inspired by words from languages such as Farsi, Hausa or Finnish.
When talking about “Lost in Translation”, André mentions an iconic quote by Wittgenstein: “the limits of my language mean the limits of my world”. André says he really believes in this and that for him, when we learn new words, our conscience becomes more sensitive to others, we become more empathetic and our world becomes richer.
With performances scheduled at the Grândola Jazz Festival (March 31st), Centro Cultural de Belém (April 1st) and Gneration (July 7th), the new album has the support of Antena2, Companhia de Actores and Teatro Municipal Amélia Rey Colaço. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tiago de Sousa, Carvalho will also release several videos of the trio made by Pedro Caldeira and with photography by João Hasselberg and assistance by Martim Torres.
Carvalho also shares that, because this subject is so special to him, he is working on a documentary with director Pedro Caldeira, which will involve the contributions of various linguists, anthropologists, psychologists, as well as accompanying the trio from its genesis to the recording and music performance.

José Soares: saxophone
André Matos: guitar
André Carvalho: double bass

1. Mencolek 06:15
2. Tagumi 04:38
3. Poronkusema 06:31
4. Zhaghzhagh 02:46
5. Gurfa 07:01
6. Gökotta 07:27
7. Pana Po’o 04:11
8. Waldeinsamkeit 04:08

wydano: March 21, 2023
nagrano: Recorded at the Teatro Municipal Amélia Rey Colaço, Lisbon, on July 11-13, 2022

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Clean Feed (POR)
André Carvalho
Lost in Translation, vol. II
Double Bass
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