Too Tall To Sing - Flin van Hemmen & Jozef Dumoulin: New Dance Moves

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Abstract Electronic / Experimental
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opakowanie: Gatefoldowe etui

Editor's Info:
A personal tragedy, a world in its early stages of pandemonium and a growing interest in each other’s musical endeavors was all it took for Flin van Hemmen and Jozef Dumoulin to decide to make an album together. In the beginning of 2020 they started a ping-pong exchange of sound files between New York and Paris, their respective hometowns, that resulted in a collection of songs that now can be heard on “New Dances Moves”.
The process itself was very simple: one would send a piece of audio to the other who would then respond to it and add something or transform it – often in a quite drastic or dramatic way – sending it back and forth until the dust settled. Everything was allowed really, so a wide range of instruments and sound sources got involved: percussion, piano, keyboards, electronic programming, and above all: a whole lot of sampling and field recordings.
Years ago, Flin and Jozef played together in an acoustic jazz quartet, but little by little their interest went to more abstract sound explorations. Working on this shared adventure was an excellent means to mingle sounds in a completely new manner.The result is beautiful, strange, quiet, and dreamy. The music appeals to the inner eye through the ear. And whereas a portrait of a planet turned minimalistic in its audio manifestations when everybody was imprisoned between walls could be depressing, it is all the contrary: it’s human life at its most precious and essential.

Flin van Hemmen sampling, piano, percussion, voice
Jozef Dumoulin sampling, piano, keyboards, e-drums, programming

1. Allerlei 3:09
2. Little Bird Of Bad Omen (Ty-Yt) 5:23
3. You Cathedrals 3:19
4. Sweetheart Position 0:56
5. Familie 4:24
6. Horror Vacui 6:31
7. We’re Not Doing Much Socialising 4:27
8. Shadow, Shade 2:03
9. Treinlandschelp 16:39

wydano: Mar 18, 2022
nagrano: Recorded in New York and Paris

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Too Tall To Sing - Flin van Hemmen & Jozef Dumoulin
New Dance Moves
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