Joel Frederiksen, Emma-Lisa Roux, Hille Perl: A Day with Suzanne. A Tribute to Leonard Cohen

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Gramophone Magazine March 2023
it’s a triumph in creative play and thoughtful synthesis...I desperately wish Cohen could have heard just how beguilingly fabulous his songs sound with two violas da gamba and the gentle plucking of a lute.

Emma-Lisa Roux (lute, soprano), Hille Perl (viola da gamba), Domen Marincic (viola da gamba), Joel Frederiksen & Emma-Lisa Roux & Hille Perl, Joel Frederiksen (bass, lute)

1. Leonard Cohen, Orlando Di Lasso: Suzanne / Susanne Un Jour 6:41
2. Leonard Cohen, Pierre Guédron, Sharon Robinson: A Thousand Kisses Deep / Un jour L'amoureuse Sylvie 8:24
3. Josquin des Prez, Leonard Cohen: Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye / Adieu mes Amours 4:48
4. Cohen, L: Famous Blue Raincoat 5:04
5. Attaingnant: Prélude 1:45
6. Cohen, L: Dance Me To The End Of Love (Pavane) 4:13
7. Attaingnant: Galliarde 1:08
8. anon.: Devil the Care 1:03
9. Cohen, L: Bird on a Wire (Le Rosignoll and The Tuneful Nightingale) 4:54
10. de Vicent, Leonard Cohen: So Long, Marianne / Le Phoenix 7:10
11. Cohen, L: You Want It Darker (Quand me souvient) 5:16
12. Cohen, L: Hallelujah (The Evening Hymn) 6:14

wydano: 17th Feb 2023



Deutsche Harmonia Mundi (DE)
Pierre Attaingnant (c.1494-c.1553), Leonard Cohen (1934-2016)
Joel Frederiksen, Emma-Lisa Roux, Hille Perl
A Day with Suzanne. A Tribute to Leonard Cohen
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