Bragernes kirkes ungdomskor, Ed Lojeski, Beate Strømme Fevang: Colours of Christmas

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Klasyczna Muzyka Wokalna / Christmas Carols
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Editor's info:
“Colours of Christmas” contains a collection of beautiful carols that arise out of the Christmas message of hope, anticipation and joy. Together with the girls in the choir we have selected 15 carols that mean a lot to them and for which they have a special fondness.

More than half the music is Norwegian, written by composers Kim André Arnesen, Svein Møller, Tove Knutsen and Fredrik Sixten. The last-mentioned is Swedish, but was formerly Director of Music of Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, where he also lives. Many of the carols have never been recorded, and in this process we have had an exciting collaboration with several of the composers.

The tracks on the album vary between a cappella choir and choir with instrumental accompaniment. Working with the instrumentalists has been very inspiring and an enriching experience for the choir and has contributed to the growth and development of the young singers.

The recordings have been made in the marvelous acoustic setting of Bragernes Church, which is the choir’s regular venue. The recording of this Christmas album began in the spring of 2019 but stopped entirely due to COVID-19. The remaining tracks were recorded in the spring of 2021.
by Beate Strømme Fevang (Conductor)

The Arts Desk
15 carols are included here, the majority sung, very idiomatically, in English, though it’s smattering of the Norwegian items which caught my ear...Not that you’d notice; standards are consistently high and LAWO’s engineering has plenty of presence.

Bragernes kirkes ungdomskor, Ed Lojeski (musicarranger)
Beate Strømme Fevang: Conductor

Rutter: Candlelight carol
Rutter: The Colours of Christmas

wydano: 21 October 2022
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Lawo Classics
John Rutter (b.1945)
Bragernes kirkes ungdomskor, Ed Lojeski, Beate Strømme Fevang
Colours of Christmas
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