Robert Groslot: I Will Come Back

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Opera Współczesna / Współczesna Muzyka Klasyczna
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Editor's info:
I will come back is a chamber opera by Robert Groslot, based on the book I'm coming back (Ik kom terug) by Adriaan van Dis, who also wrote the libretto. In the novel, the son describes his difficult relationship with his mother, with whom Robert has a certain affinity. The chamber opera is accompanied by Six Poems by William Butler Yeats. On this album, Groslot excels in his compositions combining literature and musical grammar. The opera is performed by soloists Héloïse Mas and Thomas Oliemans, accompanied by the Vlaams Radiokoor and Brussels Philharmonic soloists.

"Words trigger something in me which subsequently becomes music"

Over the past decade, Groslot has primarily been a prolific composer with a unique position in the contemporary music landscape. Groslot eschews the atonal excesses of modernism, deliberately pushing for accessibility to the listener and playing pleasure for the performer, but he never succumbs to the cinematic banality of postmodern music. In the compositions to which this recording is devoted, an extra dimension emerges: Groslot's literary imagination and the intuitive fusing of linguistic and musical grammar which transpire in the chamber opera I will come back and the Six Poems by William Butler Yeats.

Vlaams Radiokoor, Héloïse Mas, Thomas Oliemans, Stoffel de Laat (musicdirector)

Brussels Philharmonic, Robert Groslot

01. I Will Come Back: I. Java. Rain. Palm Trees 00:56
02. I Will Come Back: II. A Sitting Room 02:42
03. I Will Come Back: III. Bengawan Solo 01:56
04. I Will Come Back: IV. They Married, and Left for Java 02:19
05. I Will Come Back: V. Rain. The Letter 01:10
06. I Will Come Back: VI. Photo's / Dance 01:53
07. I Will Come Back: VII. The Son Enters / Conversation About Carl 02:32
08. I Will Come Back: VIII. Yes, Tell Us 01:51
09. I Will Come Back: IX. Tell Me About Your Asian War 01:48
10. I Will Come Back: X. Sign the Contract 02:35
11. I Will Come Back: XI. Save Him from His Mother 01:07
12. I Will Come Back: XII. My Father Is a Stain on the Ceiling 01:26
13. I Will Come Back: XIII. Rain / Let Me Sit Closer 00:44
14. I Will Come Back: XIV. We Don't Talk About the War 03:23
15. I Will Come Back: XV. Healing Hands 01:37
16. I Will Come Back: XVI. Carl's Solo 01:48
17. I Will Come Back: XVII. Come, Stones, Help Me 01:50
18. I Will Come Back: XVIII. A New Life 01:37
19. I Will Come Back: XIX. Waltz with Rollators 01:50
20. I Will Come Back: XX. Let Me Help You Back to Bed 01:21
21. I Will Come Back: XXI. To Hell with Your Water 01:37
22. I Will Come Back: XXII. The Cosmic Garden 09:25
23. Six Poems by William Butler Yeats: I. The Wheel 04:37
24. Six Poems by William Butler Yeats: II. The Song of Wandering Aengus 04:01
25. Six Poems by William Butler Yeats: III. To an Isle in the Water 03:11
26. Six Poems by William Butler Yeats: IV. O Do Not Love Too Long 01:42
27. Six Poems by William Butler Yeats: V. Two Songs of a Fool 01:47
28. Six Poems by William Butler Yeats: VI. The Second Coming 03:36
29. Six Poems by William Butler Yeats: VII. The Wheel (reprise) 01:30

wydano: 04 November 2022
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Robert Groslot (b.1951)
Robert Groslot: I Will Come Back
Robert Groslot: I Will Come Back
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