Al Di Meola: Orange And Blue

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Orange and Blue wydany w 1994 roku (pomiędzy Heart of the Immigrants z 1993r, a The Rite of Strings z 1995r.) należy do najlepszych płyt amerykańskiego wirtuoza gitary. JW trakcie swojej kariery, Di Meola współpracował nie tylko z Chickiem Coreą, Paco de Lucíą, Johnem McLaughlinem czy Stanleyem Clarke’em, ale także z Jean-Luc Pontym, Janem Hammerem, oraz z takimi sławami, jak Phil Collins, Carlos Santana, Steve Winwood, Wayne Shorter, Tony Williams, Herbie Hancock, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Milton Naciemento, Egberto Gismonti, Stevie Wonder, Les Paul, Jimmy Page, Steve Vai, czy Frank Zappa.

Trzynasty album studyjny Di Meoli brzmi świetnie i jazzuje niezwykle ciepłymi barwami. Wśród zaproszonych gości usłyszymy Manu Katché, Marca Johnsona, Steve'a Gadda, George Dalarasa i izraelską śpiewaczkę Noa.



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Fusion Jazz
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: Digipackowe etui

Al. Di Meola's passion for the acoustic guitar has not diminished his love of electric music. Upon collaboration with Gibson, the Al. Di Meola Jazz Guitar was issued. In stark contrast to his customary Les Paul, this guitar is a large hollow-body similar to an L-5. The jazz guitar allows di Meola to achieve a warmer tone; however, he seemed to be going through a Pat Metheny stage at the time of this recording. The upside is that di Meola's solos combine his remarkable control with a newfound sense of swing, the downside being that he seems to have lost some of his identity. "Chilean Pipe Song" stands as one of di Meola's most memorable compositions. The supporting cast of Mario Parmisano and Peter Erskine greatly enhance the music, as each is a distinguishable and tasteful musician. Erskine particularly shines on "Summer Country Song." The one burner here is "Casmir," a fast-paced tune reminiscent of the Elegant Gypsy days. "On My Own" features di Meola's debut on piano. It is by no means anything spectacular, but it does reaffirm his continued exploration and growth. The strong playing and quality of the compositions make this recommended despite the Metheny flavorings.
by Robert Taylor

Al Di Meola – guitars, keyboards, drums, percussion
Mike Pinella – trumpet
Conrad Herwig – trombone
Andrés Boiarsky – saxophone
Simon Shaneen – violin
Mario Parmisano – keyboards
Marc Johnson – double bass
Pino Palladino – bass guitar
Peter Erskine – drums
Steve Gadd – drums
Manu Katché – drums
Gumbi Ortiz – congas, bongo
George Dalaras – vocals
Noa – vocals
Hernan Romero – vocals, guitar, synthesizers, charango, percussion

1. Paradisio 7:17
2. Chilean Pipe Song 4:50
3. Ta'alina Chant 1:55
4. Orange and Blue 7:30
5. This Way Before 4:38
6. Summer Country Song 5:29
7. If We Meet Again, Part One 1:30
8. If We Meet Again, Part Two 5:04
9. Cyprus 3:49
10. Theme of the Mother Ship 5:16
11. Precious Little You 4:23
12. Casmir 4:06
13. On My Own 3:19

wydano: Nov 25, 2022 (1994)
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Al Di Meola
Orange And Blue
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