G.F.Handel: Eternal Heaven

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Lutenist Thomas Dunford’s first project for Warner Classics is a complete Handel programme with his Ensemble Jupiter, and his longstanding musical partners Lea Desandre and lestyn Davies. The album stems from Dunford's desire to bring together these two sublime voices and tell a love story through Handel’s most beautiful spiritual music. During the pandemic, Thomas and Lea went through Handel's entire English-language oeuvre to build a narrative Dunford has dubbed ‘a Baroque West Side Story’. The album features arias from Semele, Theodora, Saul, Susanna, Esther, and more.

BBC Music Magazine * * * *
Desandre’s pure, warm core and skilled application of vocal colours make her lyricism seductive, while her warp-speed passagi are simply astonishing. Countertenor Iestyn Davies delivers the intimate, precise, effortless vocalism for which he’s renowned, and when he and Desandre duet, their euphony is sublime

Gramophone Magazine
This is an album that reaches deep into Handel’s genius – looks like there’s life in the format yet.

Lea Desandre (mezzo)
Iestyn Davies (countertenor)

Thomas Dunford: direction

Handel: As With Rosy Steps (from Theodora)
Handel: But Hark, the Heav'nly Sphere Turns Round (from Semele)
Handel: Despair no more shall wound me (from Semele)
Handel: Eternal Source of Light Divine (from Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne, HWV74)
Handel: Fly from the Threat’ning Vengeance, Fly! (from The Occasional Oratorio)
Handel: Hercules: Joys of freedom, joys of pow'r
Handel: No, No, I'll Take No Less (from Semele)
Handel: O Lord, whose mercies numberless (from Saul)
Handel: Prophetic raptures swell my breast (from Joseph And His Brethren, HWV 59)
Handel: The Choice of Hercules: Yet can I hear that dulcet lay
Handel: The Triumph of Time and Truth: Guardian angels
Handel: Thither Let Our Hearts Aspire! (from Theodora)
Handel: To thee, thou glorious son of worth (from Theodora)
Handel: You’ve Undone Me (from Semele)

wydano: 18th Nov 2022
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Erato Disques
Georg Friedrich Handel [1685-1759]
Lea Desandre, Iestyn Davies, Jupiter Ensemble, Thomas Dunford
G.F.Handel: Eternal Heaven
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