Leila Schayegh, La Centifolia: Ciaconna!

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On this new CD from Glossa, Leila Shayegh and La Centifolia present a selection of chaconnas, some famous, some unknown. Find works here by Bertali, Purcell, Schmelzer, Matteis, Corelli or anonymous composers from the famous collection from the "Schrank no. 2" in Dresden. The climax and conclusion is the famous "Canon" (with "Gigue", which is usually neglected) by Johann Pachelbel, played with a liveliness and transparency that is rarely heard in this frequently played piece!

The origin of the ciaccona isn't conclusively clear, but seems to point in the direction of South America, where it was said to have been wild, fast, cheerful and often sung. If this theory is correct, it was brought to Spain by the conquistadors at the latest in the 16th century, from where it spread east and northwards, through the whole of Europe. Nowadays, the repeated bass formula has circled the globe and can be found not only in the classical world, but has long since become a foundation of popular music.

"At the heart of Ciaccona! and the ensemble La Centifolia lies the joy of playing, friendly competition and trial and error. There is nothing better than making music with friends who inspire each other and share a deep, mutual understanding. So, the idea grew, to combine these two beautiful elements and dedicate our first ensemble recording to the Ciaccona. I have had my musical wish list in my head for years, pieces I absolutely wanted to play and record one day. The great Ciacona by Bertali, Purcell's Sonata Op. 12 No. 6 and the Fantazia for three violins, the Matteis Ciaccona as well as the one by Vitalino. What could be more obvious than to complete the list with pieces that either can't be missing due to their fame, or should not be missing because of the lure of the unknown they add. The result is a recording that reflects my credo: enjoy the beauty that lies in change." Leila Schayegh

Leila Schayegh (violin), La Centifolia

Bertali: Ciaconna in C major
Capricornus: Ciaccona for Violin, Violia de gamba & Continuo
Corelli: Sonata da camera a tre, Op. 2 No. 12 in G major (Ciaconna)
Merula: Chaconne, Op. 12 No. 20
Pachelbel: Canon & Gigue
Purcell: 3-part Sonnata No. 6 in C major - Z795
Purcell: Three Parts upon a Ground in D major - Z731
Schmelzer: Ciaccona
Vitali, G: Ciaccona from Op. 7

wydano: 3rd Feb 2023
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Glossa (SP)
Antonio Bertali (1605-69), S. Capricornus (1628–65), A.Corelli (1653–1713), N.Matteis (1670s-1760), Tarquinio Merula (1595–1665), Johann Pachelbel (1653–1706), Henry Purcell (1659–95), J.H.Schmelzer (1623–80), G.B.Vitali (1632–92)
Leila Schayegh, La Centifolia
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