Jasper Høiby: What It Means To Be Human

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Modern Jazz / Indie Jazz
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kontynent: Europa
kraj: Norwegia
opakowanie: Gatefoldowe etui

Editor's info:
What It Means To be Human is the second in a series of four albums from Jasper Høiby’s Planet B, featuring saxophonist Josh Arcoleo and drummer Marc Michel, that focus on global topics of vital importance – Humanity, Climate Change, Artificial intelligence and Monetary Reform. This album seeks connection. A connection between humanity and the planet, between the problems we all face and about an opportunistic optimism to fix them. The mastermind is Jasper Høiby, the esteemed and revered Danish bassist and the deeply reflective, expressive and visionary artist.

Whilst there are many moments that display the virtuosity and hard-hitting grooves of Phronesis, the long-standing band that shot Jasper to the limelight, Planet B offers additional rewards of subtle expression. The music is captivating and highly absorbing, enhanced by soundscapes of electronics and interspersed with powerful, emotive speech by some unique and forward-thinking women including Grace Lee Boggs, Ruby Sales and Jane Goodall. They all share a profound understanding of the world, only achievable through practical wisdom, each offering their individual take on where we are as a species and what we can do to improve.

At the heart of the album is the trio. A group of like-minded and creative souls where the focus is all about the collective sound. As a whole, the music is a powerful, mesmerising and poignant display of musicianship, integrity and storytelling. What it Means To Be Human is an album at the forefront of the creative European scene.

Jasper Høiby: Bass and Electronics
Josh Arcoleo: Saxophone
Marc Michel: Drums

1. Vision of Outrage 4.56
2. There Will be No Strugglec 5.22
3. Clock of the World 4.35
4. Earthness 4.07
5. One Voice 1.42
6. Spiritual Geniuses 3.48
7. Her Deepness 5.47
8. Life Force Seeds 2.55
9. Onwards 4.08
10. What it Means to be Human 3.48

wydano: 16th Sep 2022
nagrano: Recorded by August Wanngren at Tornado Studio in Copenhagen, 26, 28 and 28 October 2021

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Edition Records (UK)
Jasper Høiby
What It Means To Be Human
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