Fade In: Live Fast, Die a Legend

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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
premiera polska:
kontynent: Europa
kraj: Włochy
opakowanie: Gatefoldowe etui

Editor's Info:
“a gradual appearance of an image, light, or sound, especially as a transition in a cinematic work, audio recording, or performance”
No leader, just three desperate and forward-thinking heads.
In a hyper-active artistic momentum since 2018, Fade In Trio keeps subverting musical conventions for the sake of its self-imposed chimera: true to the bone artistic honesty. A fundamental mutual trust allows the three distinct identities to melt and fade into an idiosyncratic communal vision, where improvisation becomes the lens for a deep inner investigation of our functions within a creative community.
The artistic result bridges and embodies different musical heritages but it also strives to enlarge the palette of what a seemingly limited pianoless trio can sonically achieve.
Fade In strictly performs 100% original compositions written by each component of the band.
The debut album Live Fast, Die a Legend ironically depicts one of the mottos of our contemporary society, in which people lose control of their behaviors, feelings and thinking: the elevation of impulses, instant gratifications and the idea that progress equals fast – which equals success – bring humanity to addiction and self-destruction.
Indeed, in tracks like “Tachykinesia" (sped up movement) and “L ’Esterofilo” (the xenophile) there is never time to stop and reflect, while “Requiem” and “Get Undressed, Don’t Move” offer the opportunity to meditate over a fast spiral of events.
The trio is among the winners of the “International Improvisation Competition René Arons” (Antwerp, 2019) and “Tomorrow’s Jazz Competition” (Venice, 2021).
Fade In Trio is and will always be:
Federico Calcagno, Pietro Elia Barcellona and Marco Luparia

Federico Calcagno bass clarinet (tr. 1,2,3,4,6,7,8), clarinet (tr. 5,9)
Pietro Elia Barcellona contrabass
Marco Luparia drums

1. Enneadecaedro 04:10
2. Felina 03:55
3. Requiem 07:38
4. Perpendicular Reality 05:27
5. Interlude 00:55
6. L’Esterofilo 05:29
7. Oh, Amygdala 05:20
8. Tachykinesia 06:34
9. Get Undressed, Don’t Move 06:50

wydano: June 2022
nagrano: Recorded by Antonio Castiello and Aldo De Sanctis at Jambona Lab in Livorno, Italy, on December 17th, 18th

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