Danilo Gallo Dark Dry Tears: A View Through a Slot

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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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Editor's Info:
Italian jazz is a reality on its own, due to its caustic humor, the folkish way it uses melody, the liking for rhythm patterns, the cinematic perspectives and we could continue to bring arguments to the list. When bassist (every kind of bass, be it double bass, electric bass guitar, acoustic bass guitar, bass balalaika, whatever, with an important exception: baritone guitar) Danilo Gallo is involved you have it in spades: more melodies to listen, more riffs (and be sure “A View Through a Slot” grooves and rocks like hell) and more sarcasm. Take the technical notes: this was (suposedly, of course) recorded in Gronland in 2077, mixed by one Péppino La Piccirella (you’ll have to know Italian to laugh) in Italy and then mixed again in Bogota, Colombia, and mastered by Nonnasonica somewhere in the world. It’s Gallo’s way to say that it really doesn’t matter where or when the music happens. Don’t be surprised if some tunes are deconstructed at the final minutes: the musicians involved, including American extraordinaire drummer Jim Black, go crazy very quickly. And there’s something else: a sense for the poetic and the sad that can bring tears to your eyes. In these difficult times this is what you need for a definitive catharsis. Give also a special attention to what the two saxophone players, Mr. Milesi and Mr. Bigoni, do, and to the romantic rock cinematic guitarist Mr. Corti, and stay safe.

Danilo Gallo: bass, fx
Massimiliano Milesi: tenor and soprano saxophones
Francesco Bigoni: tenor saxophone, clarinet
Jim Black: drums
feat. Lorenzo Corti: guitar

1. Demolition 06:39
2. No Boundaries 05:34
3. Eyes of Twilight 06:48
4. The Tree and the Water 06:39
5. Rubble Dust 08:59
6. I Can’t See You 06:56
7. Gummy Wall 03:27
8. No Boundaries (reprise) 02:00
9. If You Raise a Wall You Get Low 08:18
10. Short Memory 08:07

wydano: June 18, 2021
nagrano: Recorded at Kalaallit Nunaat Studios, Nuuk, Grønland, february 30th 2021

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Danilo Gallo Dark Dry Tears
A View Through a Slot
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