John Tchicai: In Monk's Mood

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Soul Jazz / Avant Jazz
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: Jewelcaseowe etui
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John Tchicai has long been devoted to avant-garde jazz, having played with Albert Ayler, John Coltrane, and Pierre Dørge's New Jungle Orchestra, plus extensively recording as a leader. This session is a bit of a twist, as producer Nils Winther responded to Tchicai's interest in recording once more for Steeplechase by suggesting that he switch back from tenor to alto, while also devoting most of his program to the music of Thelonious Monk. While this might seem restrictive to most artists, Tchicai flourished in this setting, borrowing his wife's instrument and quickly finding common ground with veterans Steve LaSpina (bass) and Billy Drummond (drums) and the fast-rising younger pianist George Colligan. While songbook-type CDs often come off as tepid affairs, Tchicai's staccato approach to the alto and his way of often extending its range to where it sounds much like a soprano gives this predominately ballad collection a very fresh sound. Of particular interest is the leader's choice of relative obscurities like “Coming on the Hudson" and “Light Blue." The CD opens and closes with “Monk's Mood," the opener with the full band and the finale (which was actually recorded first) omitting Drummond, both of which feature Colligan on a Hammond organ that happened to be available in the recording studio. Tchicai also adds two originals to the mix, the free jazz vehicle “Cool Copy" and a loose reworking of Monk's “Ask Me Now," titled “Ask Him Now." While this session may not be as free-form as many Tchicai fans would prefer, it is very valuable music and proves to be an excellent introduction to those who might not already be familiar with this veteran's recorded output.
by Ken Dryden

John Tchicai: Alto Saxophone
George Colligan: Piano, B3 Hammond
Steve LaSpina: Bass
Billy Drummond: Drums

1. Monk's Mood 6:23
2. Coming On The Hudson 4:52
3. Light Blue 4:32
4. Ugly Beauty 6:13
5. Round About Midnight 9:40
6. Cool Copy 4:26
7. Easy Street 8:43
8. Ruby My Dear 9:13
9. Aks Him Now 6:11
10. Monk's Mood 6:12

total time - 01:06:41
wydano: 2008



John Tchicai
In Monk's Mood
alto sax
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