Talk Talk: Laughing Stock [Vinyl 1LP]

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Indie Pop / Avant Pop / Muzyka alternatywna
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kontynent: Europa
kraj: Anglia
opakowanie: Singlefoldowe etui

Editor's info:
Laughing Stock is the fifth and final studio album by English band Talk Talk, released in 1991. Following their previous release Spirit of Eden (1988), bassist Paul Webb left the group, which reduced Talk Talk to the duo of singer/multi-instrumentalist Mark Hollis and drummer Lee Harris. Talk Talk then acrimoniously left EMI and signed to the jazz-based Verve Records, and recorded Laughing Stock at London's Wessex Sound Studios with producer Tim Friese-Greene and engineer Phill Brown from September 1990 to April 1991.

Like Spirit of Eden the album featured improvised instrumentation from a large ensemble of musicians. The demanding sessions were marked by Hollis' perfectionist tendencies and desire to create a suitable recording atmosphere. Engineer Phill Brown stated that the album, like its predecessor, was "recorded by chance, accident, and hours of trying every possible overdub idea." The band split up following its release, effectively making Laughing Stock their last official release.

The album garnered significant critical praise, often cited as a watershed entry for the budding post-rock genre at the time of its release. Pitchfork named it the eleventh best album of the 1990s, saying it "makes its own environment and becomes more than the sum of its sounds." In a 2007 list, Stylus Magazine named it the greatest post-rock album.

Mark Hollis – vocals, guitar, piano, organ, melodica, Variophon
Lee Harris – drums, percussion

Other musicians
Tim Friese-Greene – producer, piano, organ, harmonium
Mark Feltham – harmonica
Martin Ditcham – percussion
Levine Andrade, Stephen Tees, George Robertson, Gavyn Wright, Jack Glickman, Garfield Jackson, Wilf Gibson – viola
Simon Edwards, Ernest Mothle – acoustic bass
Roger Smith, Paul Kegg – cello
Henry Lowther – trumpet, flugelhorn
Dave White – contrabass clarinet

A1. Myrrhman
A2. Ascension Day
A3. After The Flood
B1. Taphead
B2. New Grass
B3. Runeii

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Parlophone (UK)
Talk Talk
Laughing Stock [Vinyl 1LP]
Vinyl 1LP
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