Marian Consort - Vicente Lusitano: Motets

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Following its digital debut on Linn presenting a triptych of works by Josquin des Prez, Vicente Lusitano and Roderick Williams, The Marian Consort now focuses its attention on the central figure of this trio, the ‘Portuguese’. In his own time an important music theorist, Lusitano’s reputation and music have both been neglected in ours. As so often with musical figures of the Renaissance, many of the details of his life remain unknown. We can, however, be reasonably confident that he was the first published composer of African heritage. Referred to as ‘pardo’ in one eighteenth-century source, his only surviving printed book of compositions, the Liber primus epigramatum, was issued in Rome in 1551. True to its pioneer spirit as ‘brilliant discoverers, and exponents, of rare repertoire’ (The Observer), The Marian Consort has recorded a carefully chosen programme of these striking and impressive unjustly forgotten works.

BBC Music Magazine - 4 out of 5 stars
..As we have come to expect from the Marian Consort singers, their performances are well tuned, with an assured grasp of style throughout and with the sense of direction compellingly sustained...

Gramophone Magazine - Awards Issue 2022
..This will be a revelation to senses a clarity of purpose that goes beyond sonic beauty, though that also is there in spades: the female singers and Rory McCleery’s alto shape their lines beautifully...

Marian Consort

Lusitano: Aspice Domine
Lusitano: Ave spes nostra, Dei genitrix
Lusitano: Emendemus in melius
Lusitano: Heu me, Domine
Lusitano: Inviolata, integra et casta es
Lusitano: Praeter rerum seriem
Lusitano: Regina caeli
Lusitano: Salve Regina
Lusitano: Sancta Maria
Lusitano: Sancta mater, istud agas

wydano: 23rd Sep 2022
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Linn (UK)
Vicente Lusitano (1520-61)
Marian Consort
Vicente Lusitano: Motets
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