Doulce Mémoire, Denis Raisin Dadre - Du Bellay: Heureux qui, comme Ulysse

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Joachim Du Bellay (1522 - 1560) stormed onto the Parisian literary scene with the resounding avantgarde manifesto Défense et illustration de la langue française. Ronsard and Du Bellay are the great French poets of the sixteenth century, but while the former has been set to music hundreds of times, Du Bellay inspired only about thirty compositions. Denis Raisin Dadre and his ensemble Doulce Mémoire celebrate the Angevin poet on the occasion of his 500th anniversary with works by the leading composers of the period, among them Arcadelt (who set nine chansons to his texts, including Je ne puis dissimuler a year before Du Bellay’s death), Lassus, Chardavoine and Verdonck. It was also established practice at the time to declaim poems accompanied by a musician who improvised on the lyre, an instrument and usage imported from Italy (recitare a la lira). Denis Raisin Dadre has decided to pay tribute to these sixteenth - century ‘slammers’ by asking a modern equivalent, Kwal, to ‘slam’ some of Du Bellay's sonnets, including the famous Heureux qui, comme Ulysse.

Gramophone Magazine - Awards Issue 2022:
Settings of Joachim Du Bellay’s poetry, interspersed with recitations by the ‘slam’ poet Kwal and accompanied by instrumental improvisations, make for an atmospheric and immersive experience.

Doulce Mémoire, Denis Raisin Dadre and Kwal

Arcadelt: Du temps que j'estois amoureux
Arcadelt: En ce mois delicieux
Arcadelt: Je ne puis dissimuler
Arcadelt: Si le bien qui au plus grand bien
Arcadelt: Si vous regardez, ma dame
Arcadelt: Vieille plus vieille que le monde
Bertrand: Cet' humeur vient de mon œil
Castro, Jean de: Je te souhaite pour t'ebatre
Castro, Jean de: La nuit m'est courte
Gombert: Hors envyeux
Janequin: Qui voudra voir
Lassus: La nuit froide et sombre
Lassus: O foible esprit

wydano: 2nd Sep 2022
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Jacob Arcadelt (c.1505-68), Antoine de Bertrand (c.1530–c.1581), Jean de Castro (1540–1611), Nicolas Gombert (1495–1560), Clément Janequin (1485–1558), Orlando di Lassus (1532–94)
Doulce Mémoire, Denis Raisin Dadre
Du Bellay: Heureux qui, comme Ulysse
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