OM - Leimgruber, Doran, Burri, Studer: OM 50

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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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50 years OM! The band is cult. This band wrote history from 1972 to 1982 combining the energy of rock music with the power of free improvisation. With enormous vitality they bring together the experiences of a young generation electrified by Jimi Hendrix, fascinated by John Coltrane and inspired by free jazz. OM brought rock music into spontaneous musical processes with uncertain endings. After a long break from touring, the band returned in 2008 with a brilliant concert at the Willisau Jazz Festival (Intakt CD 170). After another break, they present the album „It‘s about Time“ (Intakt CD 348) in 2020. „ElectroAcoustiCore“ is what they call the music. Now the journey continues: OM reinvents itself again and presents a brilliant musical statement for their 50th anniversary. “I often lose my place when listening to OM, the legendary quartet that’s been with us for half a century. There are moments all over their records when I find myself in an incredible polyrhythmic thicket or deep cosmic space, and I pause, thinking, “Wait, how did we get here?” That’s OM to me. With decades of growth and exploration, together and separately, OM are making their best music right now,“ writes Jason Bivins in the liner notes.

Urs Leimgruber: Soprano Saxophone
Christy Doran: Electric Guitar, Devices
Bobby Burri: Double Bass, Devices
Fredy Studer: Drums, Percussion, Gong, Crotales, Bowed Metal

1. P-M-F/B (Burri) 10:42
2. Fast Line (Doran) 9:37
3. A Frog Jumps In (Leimgruber) 11:46
4. Diamonds On White Fields (Doran) 10:51
5. Im Unterholz Bei Kiew (Studer) 10:04
6. Behind The Eye (Dedicated To Fabian Kuratli) (Doran) 7:28

wydano: September 2022
nagrano: Recorded March 1–5, 2022, by Roli Mosimann, assisted by Thomas Gabriel, at Gabriel Recording, Stalden, Switzerland

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Intakt (CH)
OM - Leimgruber, Doran, Burri, Studer
OM 50
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