John Stowell, Dave Glenn & The Hawčaptak Quartet: Violin Memory

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Indie Jazz / Contemporary
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: Gatefoldowe etui

Editor's info:
The compositions of master guitarist John Stowell have taken on a life of their own over the last several years. As fellow artists have become increasingly aware of their intriguing melodic & harmonic movements through recordings with the group Scenes, or from his solo guitar renditions, novel methods for interpreting his works have become an inspired exercise. The 2020 duo release, Rain Painting with bassist/vocalist Dan Dean, set the stage with Textura describing it as "... innovative, original, and musically rewarding." For Violin Memory, trombonist Dave Glenn recalled his many duo performances with Stowell as being like chamber music, inspiring him to arrange nine Stowell originals for string quartet—the themes stated by the quartet as springboards for the duo's renditions. Besides those, Glenn offers 3 of his compositions and a mid-program medley of Stowell tunes arranged for the quartet.

"The skillful ingenuity of Dave Glenn's jazz writing makes an easy transition into his elegant string quartet writing." - composer John David Earnest

(John Stowell) can make an electric guitar sound like a singing voice. NAT HENTOFF

John Stowell - nylon string guitar, fretless baritone guitar
Dave Glenn - trombone

The Hawčaptak Quartet:
Maria Sampen - 1st Violin
Steve Miahky - 2nd Violin
Tim Christie - Viola
Norbert Lewandowski - Cello

1. Social Butterfly Intro 1:08
2. Social Butterfly 3:31
3. Remembering Laurie Frink Intro 1:28
4. Remembering Laurie Frink 3:51
5. Ghost in the Corner Intro 1:08
6. Ghost in the Corner 4:29
7. I Wish Intro 1:05
8. I Wish 5:32
9. Stay Right There 3:51
10. Nanti Glo 4:06
11. Collage 00:41
12. Lonely Blue Angel 4:47
13. Mottball 2:28
14. Fun With Fruit Intro 00:46
15. Fun With Fruit 4:37
16. Violin Memory Intro 00:45
17. Violin Memory 4:04
18. When Jasper Grows Up Intro 00:52
19. When Jasper Grows Up 4:27
20. Foundation's Edge Intro 1:26
21. Foundation's Edge 3:35

wydano: 01 July 2022
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Origin Records (USA)
John Stowell, Dave Glenn & The Hawčaptak Quartet
Violin Memory
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