Ben Thomas Tango Project: Eternal Aporia

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Tango Jazz / Contemporary
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Coming from a rich career as a jazz vibraphonist and composer, Ben Thomas found himself enthralled by the sounds and history of tango music, first as a dancer and then as an avid student of the bandoneon. Through his fifteen-year journey, Thomas took trips to Buenos Aires to hear & study with the masters, eventually finding his own voice in the music and performing widely. With Eternal Aporia, Thomas presents the debut recording of his Tango trio with clarinetist Eric Likkel and bassist Steve Schermer, exploring tango through its encounters with new times and new influences. Following the lead of some of the leaders of the current scene in Buenos Aires, such as Diego Schissi and Exequiel Mantega, Thomas builds his intricate pieces combining rhythmic intensity with lush harmonies, whimsy, and an emphasis on storytelling.

"Ben is a great composer, and an energetic performer who knows how deep music can go." - Jovino Santos Neto

Thomas' crisp and logical solos, technical alacrity and witty compositions have been a dependable pleasure. - PAUL DE BARROS

Ben Thomas - bandoneon, vibraphone, percussion
Eric Likkel - clarinet, bass clarinet
Steve Schermer - bass
Gretchen Yanover - cello (1,4,9,10,11)
Brandon Vance - violin (1,10)
Jonathan Geer - piano (1,10)

1. Tangent 7 (Ben Thomas) 3:01
2. Safeguards (Ben Thomas) 4:08
3. Eternal Aporia (Ben Thomas) 5:05
4. Blood Dimmed Tide (Ben Thomas) 1:44
5. Flights Without Air (Ben Thomas) 4:12
6. A Wistful Eschaton (Ben Thomas) 4:06
7. Little Birds (Ben Thomas) 4:13
8. Flowers of Rage (Ben Thomas) 0:50
9. Tangent 5 (Ben Thomas) 4:33
10. The Space Between (Ben Thomas) 4:43
11. We Were Never Perfect (Ben Thomas) 0:51
12. Something Ventured (Ben Thomas) 5:07

wydano: 04 March 2022
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Origin Records (USA)
Ben Thomas Tango Project
Eternal Aporia
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