Iro Haarla, Ulf Krokfors, Barry Altschul: Around Again - Music of Carla Bley

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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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kontynent: Europa
kraj: Finlandia
opakowanie: digipackowe etui

Editor's Info:
Around Again - The Music of Carla Bley presents a collection of composer and pianist Carla Bley´s compositions in new interpretations by pianist Iro Haarla, bassist Ulf Krokfors and drummer Barry Altschul. While the recording continues the longstanding collaborations of Iro Haarla and Ulf Krokfors, it also introduces in the mix Barry Altschul, who originally recorded many of the featured compositions with pianist Paul Bley´s trio more than 50 years ago.

"While I was attending the Sibelius Academy in the 1970s, majoring in classical piano and composition, I also took part in voluntary studies at the Jazz Studio founded by composer and pianist Heikki Sarmanto. The Jazz Studio was a modest precursor to the Sibelius Academy´s current Jazz Music Department and it was there that I first encountered Carla Bley´s music, with Heikki giving me sheet music for a number of compositions written by her, which were a rare thing in Finland at the time. These included "Closer," "Ictus," "Intermission Music," "Vashkar," "Doctor," "Gloria" and "Start," among others. Having just begun to study jazz improvisation, I could not really get much out of them. They felt to me more like modern classical music, and trying to improvise to them felt strange and difficult." Iro Haarla

"For me, playing in a trio format is the most rewarding and also the most challenging way of playing improvised music. On the one hand, there is room for self-expression and, on the other hand, you have the time to listen to what your collaborators are up to. You have to find a balance between your own input and listening and giving space to your bandmates. One thing you cannot do is to start accompanying somebody else." Ulf Krokfors

'I first encountered Carla Bley´s music in 1964 when Paul Bley asked me to join his trio. All of a sudden, I was involved with very creative and innovative musicians like Carla and Paul Bley, Gary and Annette Peacock, Steve Swallow, Paul Motian, Dave Izenson, and the musicians involved in the October Revolution in Jazz that same year…
When asked to do this project with the wonderful team of Iro and Ulf, as we started to rehearse, I noticed that after 50 years of not playing this music, my memory still was to play the music the way I played it with Paul. Paul´s approach was, of course, different from Iro´s, in attack and in rhythmic and melodic approach to the notes and spaces. As Iro has her own valid approach, I tried to help make this music her own by following her lead and not have her following mine. Iro has a great understanding of Carla´s music and it was a wonderful experience for me to revisit this music with her and Ulf." Barry Altschul

Iro Haarla piano
Ulf Krokfors double bass
Barry Altschul drums

1. Closer 6:16
2. Vashkar 7:15
3. Batterie 6:00
4. Ida Lupino 4:43
5. Around Again 5:29
6. Olhos De Gato 4:18
7. Intermission Music 5:45
8. King Korn 4:24
9. And Now, The Queen 3:44
10. Útviklingssang 5:47
11. Start 5:41
12. Jesus Maria 6:35

total time - 65:57
wydano: Apr 5, 2019
nagrano: Recorded at Finnvox in Helsinki, Finland, on November 11, 2015

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Tum Records (FIN)
Iro Haarla, Ulf Krokfors, Barry Altschul
Around Again - Music of Carla Bley
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