Patty Lomuscio with Kenny Barron, Vincent Herring, Peter Washington, Joe Farnsworth: Star Crossed Lovers

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Wokalistyka jazzowa
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kontynent: Europa
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Editor's info:
My dream has finally come true, to make a record in NY with jazz legend, maestro Kenny Barron.
I have always loved jazz and New York is its home. It all started by chance, thanks to the friendship that links me to Joe Farnsworth, the king of swing, caused by a situation that we never wanted or imagined we would have to face during the lockdown. After an exchange of music and emails, the much desired project came true and was realized in the most important jazz recording studio in the world, the Rudy Van Gelder Studio.
The common denominator for the songs is love and the sensations experienced during that forced isolation, being alone in the house, uncertainties, the desire to overcome everything through love. I am particularly attached to the only Italian song that I contributed, written by an extraordinary musician and friend, Mario Rosini, a song whose meaning is very close to my father.
The pieces we have chosen resonate beautifully thanks to the piano touch of Kenny Barron, the deep sound of Peter Washington, the poignant notes of Vince Herring and the pressing rhythm of Joe Farnsworth. I have added in my own emotions that I have tried to convey with my voice. I am amazed and happy at the results!

Patty Lomuscio: vocal
Kenny Barron: piano
Vincent Herring: alto sax
Peter Washington: double bass
Joe Farnsworth: drums

1. Lullaby (for Ambra) 04:25
2. Star Crossed Lovers 04:13
3. This Can't Be Love 03:40
4. Left Alone 06:38
5. You're My Everything 05:12
6. E Se 04:46
7. Cedar's Blues 04:27
8. Body & Soul 05:27
9. Love Walked In 03:19

wydano: May 13, 2022
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Challenge Records
Patty Lomuscio with Kenny Barron, Vincent Herring, Peter Washington, Joe Farnsworth
Star Crossed Lovers
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