Chai Masters: Magic Realism

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Straightahead / Mainstream Jazz
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kontynent: Europa
opakowanie: Jewelcaseowe etui

Editor's info:
It could be the familiar layout of a room, the evocative sound of a musical instrument, or a simple daily utensil. A teapot, for instance.
Who knows, it could even be the record you are currently holding in your hands. With a bit of craftsmanship, possibly some technology, or a simple shift in perspective, the inanimate object comes alive, challenging your perception of reality. But are you still witnessing reality, or is there magic at work here?

"This album was recorded during the 2nd Covid lockdown. Circumstances were against us, as the two shows we planned to do before recording were cancelled, and we felt like we weren't fully prepared to go into the studio. At the beginning of the recording, the atmosphere in the studio was filled with uncertainty; we didn't know if we would manage to do everything we wanted. But soon after we started playing, we began to relax and focus on the music, and some magic started to happen. After two intense days of recording, we weren't sure if what we had was any good, but after hearing it with fresh ears, we were happy with the final takes."
- Antonio Moreno Glazkov

Aurel Violas - (drums)
Arin Keshishi - (bass)
Benjamin Thiébault - (piano)
Lucas Martínez Membrilla - (tenor saxophone)
Antonio Moreno Glazkov - (trumpet)

1. Momo, the Girl Who Know How To Listen 08:16
2. Magic Realism 04:49
3. Of The Sea 06:03
4. The Sea Level 06:31
5. Song For Our Grandmothers 04:34
6. Segment (Intro) 01:17
7. Segment 04:10
8. Orso Peño 05:27

wydano: 03 June 2022
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Chai Masters
Magic Realism
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