Julija Hartig, Reineke Broekhans, Maja Bogdanović: Dark Velvet: An Autobiography in Music

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Editor's info:
Violinist Julija Hartig's new album is a sort of autobiography in music, including ten pieces by contemporary composers.
"This CD can be seen as an autobiographical story. It is a reflection of my Yugoslav and Dutch identity described in 10 pieces by 8 composers. All of these pieces have their unique musical language and way of expressing thoughts and feelings. From pure honest most tender love to the unearthly sounds in search of answers. Some of them speak about deep sorrow of loss, passionate greed for love and life, brutally distorted decomposed beauty or simply pure wild untamed joy. One thing that is common to all of them is that they were written or arranged for me with a deep understanding of my way of playing which is always intense, honest and expressive. I love them all like my children and enjoy watching them grow. In addition to the selection of already composed music from 1990 on, three new works were written for me, especially as a part of this project."
Julija Hartig repertoire includes pieces from baroque to contemporary music. Her interpretations are characterised by a great expressivity and temperament, refined technique and a warm sensitivity for colour. Her exciting way of playing has often led to mutually inspirational collaborations with contemporary composers. Several pieces have been written for and premiered byJulija. As a soloist, she has performed with various orchestras such as Netherlands Radio Chamber Philharmonic, Brabants Chamber Orchestra, St. Georges Strings, Belgrade Strings, Radio Symphony Orchestra of Serbia.

Julija Hartig: violin, vocals
Reineke Broekhans: piano
Maja Bogdanović: cello

Veljko Nenadić, Isodora Žebeljan: ‘Dark velvet’ for violin and piano (2006 / 2021)
Tibor Hartig: ‘Monolog’ for solo violin (1993)
Tsoupaki: ‘A song for Isidora’ (2020)
Isodora Žebeljan: ‘Oh, Die, My Love’, song for violin, female voice and piano (2011)
Rudolf Bruči: ‘Guslarska’ for solo violin (1993)
Vrebalov: ‘Constellation Hartig’ for violin and prepared piano (2021)
Tibor Hartig: ‘Dijalozi’ for violin and cello (1990) - I. Allegro
Tibor Hartig: ‘Dijalozi’ for violin and cello (1990) - II. Molto Moderato
Tibor Hartig: ‘Dijalozi’ for violin and cello (1990) - III. Allegro Moderato
Veljko Nenadić: ‘Air & Riffs’ diptych for violin and piano (2022)
Juan Filipe Waller: ‘De Jaque, Sal, Gala y Luna’ for solo violin (1997)
F M Maier: ‘The Music of Erich Zann’ for solo violin (2022)

wydano: 5th Aug 2022
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Challenge Classics
Florian Magnus Maier (b.1973), Calliope Tsoupaki (b.1963), Aleksandra Vrebalov (b.1970)
Julija Hartig, Reineke Broekhans, Maja Bogdanović
Dark Velvet: An Autobiography in Music
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