Barney Kessel with Shelly Manne and Ray Brown: The Pool Winners - Acoustic Sounds Series [Vinyl 1LP 180g]

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Straightahead / Mainstream Jazz
premiera polska:
kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: Singlefoldowe etui

Editor's Info:
For many jazz lovers, Barney Kessel (1923-2004) remains the most complete master of the electric guitar in jazz history. In the late 50s he dominated the jazz polls, as did bassist Ray Brown (1926-2002) and drummer Shelly Manne (1920-1984), and the three joined forces as ‘The Poll Winners’, firmly establishing the form of the jazz guitar trio. All four of their classic LPs of the period are now presented in their entirety on Retrospective’s new double album. The 37 tracks spotlight not only Kessel’s phenomenal artistry, but the endlessly subtle interplay between three supremely talented jazz musicians. Enjoy once more this generous helping of West Coast Jazz at its very finest.

"If the picture of three grown men hanging onto giant, colored swirl sticks looks a bit odd, or if the title The Poll Winners seems a bit conceited, the music, nonetheless -- recorded in 1957 -- still sounds great in 2002. Besides, guitarist Barney Kessel, bassist Ray Brown, and drummer Shelly Manne really did win polls in Down Beat, Playboy, and Metronome in 1956, and this is precisely what brought the players together. Here, on their first outing, they interpret nine pieces for 40 lovely minutes of modern jazz. After kicking off with a fine take on Duke Jordan's "Jordu," the group delivers an emotionally warm, six-minute version of "Satin Doll," one the album's highlights. While each player is always fully engaged in this small setting, Kessel's guitar supplies the lead voice. His expressive style has more in common with bluesy players like Kenny Burrell than cool ones like Tal Farlow. This quality leads to sensitive interpretations of melody-filled standards like "On Green Dolphin Street" and "It Could Happen to You." As is traditional in small settings, both Manne and Brown are also given a piece of the action, usually near the end of a tune. The choice of material, the interplay between the three players, and the lead work all meld together beautifully on The Poll Winners, making it a classic guitar album in a small-group setting." (Ronnie D. Lankford, Jr., AMR)

Barney Kessel, guitar
Ray Brown, bass
Shelly Manne, drums

A1. Jordu 03:26
A2. Satin Doll 06:34
A3. It Could Happen To You 04:27
A4. Mean To Me 06:31
B1. Don't Worry 'Bout Me 04:38
B2. On Green Dolphin Street 03:59
B3. You Go To My Head 04:25
B4. Minor Mood 03:23
B5. Nagasaki 03:04

total time - 40:27
wydano: 2022-07-15 (1958)
nagrano: Recorded March 18 & 19, 1957 at Contemporary Records Studio, Los Angeles, California

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Barney Kessel with Shelly Manne and Ray Brown
The Pool Winners - Acoustic Sounds Series [Vinyl 1LP 180g]
Vinyl 1LP
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