Le Poème Harmonique, Vincent Dumestre: Les Noces Royales de Louis XIV

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The wedding of Louis XIV with the Infanta of Spain, on 9 June 1660, was an exceptional event, sealing the peace between two monarchies that had been opposed for centuries. The 21-year-old King set off on a journey lasting thirteen months to cross and discover his kingdom: 15,000 people and 8,000 horses, 3,200 km in 95 stages, culminating in a wedding in Saint-Jean-de-Luz! The greatest festivities took place during the wedding ceremony, then on the journey of their Majesties, for their solemn entry into Paris and finally for the opera given in the Louvre in honour of the bride and groom! The finest composers contributed to the celebrations: the King’s trumpets opened the concert, while the church galleries hosted Du Mont’s symphony, organ and motets; finally, the most beautiful excerpts from Cavalli’s Xerxes and Lully’s accompanying ballets celebrated the Royal Wedding of Louis XIV through opera. Vincent Dumestre brings to life the musical splendours of the wedding of the century!

Le Poème Harmonique, Vincent Dumestre: direction

Cavalli: Lasciatemi morire (from Xerse)
Cavalli: Magnificat
Couperin, L: Prelude
Hidalgo, J: Dos zagalas venian
Lully: Entrée pour la Maison de France
Lully: Jubilate Deo LWV77/16
Lully: Les Basques
Lully: Les Espagnols
Lully: Sonneries pour les trompettes du Roi
Metru: O France
Nivers: Plein jeu de troisieme ton
Nivers: Récit de cromorne
Rosiers, A: Apres une si longue guerre
Rossi, S: Sinfonia grave
Veillot: O filii e filiae

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CELP Musiques (FR)
P.F.Cavalli (1602–76), Louis Couperin (1626–1661), Juan Hidalgo (1614–85), J-B. Lully (1632–87), Nicolas Metru (1610-1663), G.G. Nivers (1632–1714), Andre de Rosiers (1634-72), Salamone Rossi (1570–1630), Jean Veillot (1600-62)
Le Poème Harmonique, Vincent Dumestre
Les Noces Royales de Louis XIV
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