Ernst Gottlieb Baron: Music For Lute Solo & Lute and Recorder

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Though the music of Ernst Gottlieb Baron (1696–1760) is scarcely known to the wider public, the complete edition of his surviving compositions presented by Jan W.J. Burgers in 2005 (which forms the basis for the recordings on this CD) offers an excellent opportunity to study and perform the works of this late Baroque master and restore them to the status they deserve.

Though it can be assumed a large portion of his work was lost, with around a dozen suites for solo lute and ten ensemble pieces with obbligato lute, Baron’s extant oeuvre is nonetheless substantial.

In the solo compositions, we predominantly find short, mostly two-part pieces in a late Baroque idiom. While these ‘simple’ suites, likely intended for pupils, offer little justification for Baron’s contemporaries having ranked him among the most important German composers of his day, the solo compositions also include works of a very different quality. The first four movements of the Suite [Partie] in F recorded here draw on wide-ranging melodic arcs and expressive modulations. The Suite [Sonata] in B flat is a special case: it is attributed by the original copyist to Silvius Leopold Weiss, and to Baron only by a later copyist (apparently J.G.I. Breitkopf). But it has been rightly pointed out that the presumed authorship of Weiss does not stand up to a stylistic comparison.

Baron’s ensemble works include eight suites or sonatas for lute and melody instrument (recorder, transverse flute, violin or oboe), with a cello at times added as a bass part. In some of these works the treatment of the lute part is particularly virtuosic, assigning the lute an important role in the melodic composition. Baron’s surviving chamber music shows him as a master of the ‘galant’ style and offers attractive and original music from a time in which the lute was already losing ground before disappearing completely from concert life in the second half of the 18th century, soon after Baron’s death.

Played on period instruments by Bozhena Korchynska (recorder, oboe and flute) and Mariya Bil (cello) and Bernhard Hofstötter (lute), whose previous recordings for Brilliant Classics by Ludovico Roncalli (95856), Francois Campion (95276) and The Baroque Lute in Vienna (95087) received excellent reviews. Gramophone about his Weiss recording: "some of the most sympathetic and beautiful Weiss-playing yet committed to disc".

Bernhard Hofstötter (lute)
Bozhena Korchynska (recorder)
Mariya Bil (cello)

Baron: Concerto for Lute, Flute and Cello in G major
Baron: Concerto for Lute, Oboe and Cello in C minor
Baron: Concerto for Recorder and Lute in D minor
Baron: Duetto for Lute and Flute in G major
Baron: Lute Sonata in B flat major
Baron: Partie for Lute Solo in F major
Baron: Sonata for Lute and Flute in G major

wydano: 10th Jun 2022



Brilliant Classics
Ernst Gottlieb Baron (1696–1760)
Bernhard Hofstötter, Bozhena Korchynska, Mariya Bil
Ernst Gottlieb Baron: Music For Lute Solo & Lute and Recorder
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