Stephen Horenstein: Collages-Jerusalem '85 [Vinyl 1LP]

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Avant Jazz / Indie Jazz
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: Singlefoldowe etui

Editor's Info:
Horenstein's work is a mirror held up to a very peculiar world: our world. His music reflects the many faces in the mirror. (from the CD liner notes by Micah Morrison)
In the lengthy, six-page article inside the Collages liner notes, it is noted that Horenstein calls Jerusalem a “city of paradox.” Aptly, the opening track is “Breaking the Walls,” a study in contrast, dissonance between Horenstein‘s tenor saxophone and the ram’s horn sounded at times of Jewish solemnity, the shofaroth. In the 16-minute “Chiasmus” Horenstein solos over a “sound environment.” This is an amorphous background of gong-like tone coloring and heated verbal debates. At times the piece is serene, at others argumentative. Sound painter and Horenstein mentor, Bill Dixon, is openly acknowledged in “Piece for a Large Ensemble” performed by 13 musicians including five saxophonists. The six and one half minute piece begins with a sonic portrait of open space, perhaps even arid. The piece builds to a percussive rumble from the lineup that includes two drummers and two pianists and horn players that tint more than solo. One sax player is joined by trumpet and two percussionists in the tranquil “Early Morning Song.” In a sonorous conversation, Horenstein plays baritone sax in duet with a cello on “Meditation on a Line.” Ultimately discovering form and harmony in a Japanese garden within this land of contradictions, Collages concludes with a serene vision in a live recording where a rich bottom end of cellists, bassist and percussionists support soprano vocalise (Judith Axelrod) and Horenstein on flute and horns.
by Tom Schulte

Judith Axelrod, voice
Rafi Ben Aron, drums
Nevat Ben-Haim, trumpet
Mert Cam, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone
Oren Fried, drums
Jerry Garval, drums, percussion
Steve Harris, piano
David Hillberg, trombone
Stephen Horenstein, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, flute, piano, percussion
Pamela Jones, percussion
Smulik Kowalski, tenor saxophone
Roman Kunsman, alto saxophone
Eli Magen, bass
Shmuel Magen, cello
Yiaggi Maica, cello
Yakov Meron, tenor saxophone
Yuval Mesner, cello
Eli Mierri, piano
Daniel Oppenheim, bells
Boyd Rayburn, bass
Natalie Snitman, bass

1. Breaking the Walls
2. Chiasmus
3. Piece for Large Ensemble
4. Early Morning Song
5. Meditation on a Line
6. Seven Faces of a Garden

Track 1: Recorded July-August, 1985 at Jerusalem Recording Studios, Jerusalem
Track 2,3,4 and 5: Recorded July-August, 1985 at Syntone-Studios, Ramat Gan, Jerusalem
Track 6: Recorded July, 1981 at Jerusalem Music Center and remastered at Jerusalem Recording Studios, Jerusalem

wydano: 2018 (1985)
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Soul Note (I)
Stephen Horenstein
Collages-Jerusalem '85 [Vinyl 1LP]
Vinyl 1LP
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