The James Hunter Six: Nick of Time

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Soul / Funk
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: digipackowe etui

Editor's Info:
The James Hunter Six are back with another sublime offering of no nonsense rhythm and blues. Recorded and produced by Bosco Mann, Nick of Time is a shining example of how a master song-smith can continually draw fresh water from a bottomless well. In addition to the uptempo, swinging R&B that has put JH6 on the map, Nick of Time explores so much more! The opening track and lead single, "I Can Change Your Mind", is a beautiful, mid-tempo rumba that tips the hat to the sound of many early King/Federal releases, but executed with a vibrancy that propels the tune into the 21st Century. The lush arrangements on "Till I Hear it from You" and " He's Your Could Have Been" sound like lost tracks from an early '60s Burt Bacharach session. The straight forward soul of "Brother or Other" (whose timely message is only tantamount to its groove), and the sparse "Paradise for One" (that finds James channeling his innermost Nat King Cole), enrich the album with sounds one may not readily associate with James and Co. - culminating in James' most exciting full-length release to date.

Guitar, Vocals – James Hunter
Baritone Saxophone – Lee Badau
Piano, Organ, Percussion – Andrew Kingslow
Tenor Saxophone – Damian Hand
Bass – Jason Wilson (5)
Drums – Jonathan Lee (12)
Backing Vocals – Alex Desert, Gregory Lee, Malik Moore

1. I Can Change Your Mind 02:35
2. Who's Fooling Who 02:55
3. Till I Hear It From You 02:34
4. Never 04:02
5. Missing In Action 02:37
6. Nick Of Time 02:49
7. Brother Or Other 03:21
8. Ain't Goin' Up In One Of Those Things 02:21
9. Take It As You Find It 03:20
10. Can't Help Myself 02:02
11. How Bout Now 02:55
12. Paradise For One 02:08
13. He's Your Could've Been 02:40

wydano: Mar 6, 2020
nagrano: Recorded to 8-tracks at Penrose Recorders - Daptone West, Riverside, CA.

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Daptone Records
The James Hunter Six
Nick of Time
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