Tim Berne - Gregg Belisle-Chi: Mars

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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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Editor's info:
With his extensive artistic biography, Tim Berne is one of the most outstanding figures in American jazz. Rising star Gregg Belisle-Chi, a connoisseur of Berne's music, has this year released the acclaimed album Koi, featuring interpretations of Tim Berne's compositions on solo acoustic guitar.
With his extensive skills and immense sonic potential, he is earning a central place in the landscape of contemporary acoustic guitar. With Mars, these two exceptional musicians present their first duo album. All songs are penned by Tim Berne and enchant the listener with an intense interplay that is playful, poetic and sonically stunning. David Torn, who is responsible for the grandiose sound, writes in the liner notes: "Space Music? no, nope: Earth Music? well, yeah. Folk Music? well… i dunno, could be, but these songs on Mars are written by Tim & reimagined in-real-time by he & Gregg: them 2 being edified by, appreciative & respectful of those who’ve come before, & especially those ones who stayed lit and busted their own asses & spirits in order to continue initiating the kinds of flames that push us all to strive to express & to feel things of life & lives that may otherwise be functionally inexplicable, and may even be ineffable, somehow."

Tim Berne: Alto Saxophone
Gregg Belisle-Chi: Guitar

1. Rose Bowl Charade 05:16
2. Purdy 04:17
3. Gastrophobia 03:11
4. Microtuna 03:48
5. Frosty 04:04
6. Big Belly 03:43
7. Rabbit Girl 04:26
8. Palm Sweat 02:56
9. Dark Shadows 04:35
10. Not What You Think They Are 03:10
11. Middle Seat Blues 04:40
12. Giant Squids 00:56

wydano: January 21, 2022
nagrano: Recorded May 15 by Chris Bittner at Applehead Studio in Woodstock

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Tim Berne - Gregg Belisle-Chi
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