Anais Drago: Solitudo

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Współczesna Muzyka Klasyczna / Kameralistyka
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Liner Notes:
Solo violinist Anais Drago has developed a highly personal style that marries the disciplines of the classical violin sonata with the worlds of jazz and fusion. Her new CAM JAZZ recording Solitudo finds her again making use of electronic devices, samples and overdubs to create a music of haunting beauty and wit that matches horror movie motifs with the raucous joy of classic jazz violinists such as Joe Venuti and Stuff Smith. Violin may still be regarded as a relatively marginal instrument in jazz, but unfairly so. The very first jazz groups may have been small string ensembles, employed to play art. Music upstairs, but retasked after hours to explore earthier measures. Anais Drago perfectly straddles both worlds. Her music is complex, dark, sometimes abstract, but also refreshingly light-hearted and confident, and utterly memorable. Solitudo is like nothing else you will hear this year, or next. It is the sound of an artist creating her own musical world.
by Brian Morton

“The violinist sums up a vast soundscape without entering any specific style, keeping well away from any ostentation. Only the music remains, fresh and mysterious as an enigma.” M. G. Bianchi - Musica Jazz

"Anais Drago knows how to handle with ease the electronic devices useful to give a double or triple dimension to her figure as performer, or to create at least one alter ego, variable to each song, with which to compose a close dialogue." P. Poggio - Blow Up

“Strange and stimulating mixture of electronics, improvisation and pop culture. [...] A sign of a mental openness that runs through contemporary research. " C. Sessa - Corriere della Sera

“Anais drago explores the expressive possibilities of the instrument by getting rid of superstructures and hierarchies.” A. Besselva Averame - Rumore

“Solitudo is placing your ear on a shell and letting yourself be carried away.” F. Basso - Sky TG24

“The main interest of Solitudo is undoubtedly the original vision, the ability to create hybrid but not free musical panoramas” E. Mirti - Jazz Espresso

Anais Drago: Violin

1. Gnossienne (Erik Satie)
2. Ascesis (Anais Drago)
3. Passio (Anais Drago)
4. Halucinari 1 (Anais Drago)
5. Oblivio (Anais Drago)
6. Firma Mentis (Anais Drago)
7. Halucinari 2 (Anais Drago)
8. Minotauros (Anais Drago)
9. Horror Vacui (Anais Drago)
10. Halucinari 3 (Anais Drago)
11. Manteia (Anais Drago)
12. Just Talking To Myself (Anais Drago)

wydano: October 2, 2021
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CAM Jazz (I)
Anais Drago
Anais Drago
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