Art Farmer: The Complete Remastered Recordings on Black Saint & Soul Note [6CD]

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Straightahead / Mainstream Jazz
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: Cardboardowe etui

Black Saint/Soul Note - kolekcjonerskie wznowienia nagrań z katalogu wytwórni, które przez 20 lat wyznaczały kierunki rozwoju muzyki free jazzowej i awangardowej!

Editor's Info:
THE COMPLETE REMASTERED RECORDINGS ON BLACK SAINT & SOUL NOTE is a monographic box-set collection aimed at recounting the most beautiful chapters that revolutionised the history of jazz. A deep philological work, beginning with the original recordings on original master tapes, patiently integrally remastered paying strict attention to sound quality.

In an illustrious recording that spanned 50 years (1948-98), art… Farmer seldom failed to impress. Whereas his contemporaries were obsessed with speed, having heard Freddie Webster, Farmer decided to concentrate on perfecting his already warm and melodic sound which would became even more personalized when switching to flugelhorn in the early 1960s. From 1966, farmer divided his time between New York and Wien. So high was his profile in Europe that from 1981 until 1987 he recorded five albums for BlackSaint/Soul Note (including one with the reassembled Jazztet) plus a duo with pianist Enrico Pieranunzi. Be it retreating bebop classics ‘Ah-leu-cha’, ‘Blue ‘n’ Boogie’, ‘au Privave’, ‘Barbados’ and his own ‘Farmer’s Market’ or quality standards that include ‘Manhattan’ and ‘Have You Met Miss Jones?’ Art… Farmer steps up to the plate, relaxed but in total command of both his technique and emotions. Very much his own man it was a subtle approach that often set him apart and above his closest, much flashier rivals. Despite his abilities, it’s possible that this remarkable musician didn’t always receive the plaudits he deserved.

Isis [1981]
Massimo Urbani: alto saxophone
Enrico Pieranunzi: piano
Furio Di Castri: bass
Roberto Gatto: drums
Art Farmer: flugelhorn

Manhattan [1982]
Kenny Drew: piano
Mads Vinding: bass
Sahib Shihab: soprano saxophone, bariton saxophone
Art Farmer: flugelhorn
Ed Thigpen: drums

Mirage [1982]
Clifford Jordan: tenor saxophone
Fred Hersch: piano
Art Farmer: flugelhorn
Ray Drummond: bass
Akira Tana: drums

Moment To Moment [1983]
Albert Heath: drums
Benny Golson: tenor saxophone
Curtis Fuller: trombone
Mickey Tucker: piano
Art Farmer: flugelhorn
Ray Drummond: bass

You Make Me Smile [1985]
Clifford Jordan: tenor saxophone
Fred Hersch: piano
Rufus Reid: bass
Art Farmer: flugelhorn
Akira Tana: drums

Azure [1987]
Fritz Pauer: bass
Art Farmer (flh)

CD 1
Isis [1981]
1. Isis
2. Ah-Leu-Cha
3. Love Walked In
4. Blue 'N' Boogie
5. Soul Dance
6. Nancy
7. Au Privave
8. Little Moon

CD 2
Manhattan [1982]
1. Context
2. Blue Wail
3. Manhattan
4. Passport
5. Arrival
6. Back Door Beauty

CD 3
Mirage [1982]
1. Barbados
2. Passos
3. My Kinda Love
4. Mirage
5. Cherokee Sketches
6. Smiling Billy

CD 4
Moment To Moment [1983]
1. Moment to Moment
2. Along Came Betty
3. Farmer's Market
4. Fair Weather
5. Yesterday's Thoughts
6. Ease Away Walk

CD 5
You Make Me Smile [1985]
1. You Make Me Smile
2. Prelude No. 1
3. Nostalgia
4. Flashback
5. Souvenir
6. Have You Met Miss Jones?

CD 6
Azure [1987]
1. If You Could See Me Now
2. Nighttine
3. Yesterday's Thoughts
4. Blue Windows
5. Azure
6. Sound Within an Empty Room
7. Soul Eyes
8. Danielle
9. Song of Praise

total time - 4h 4min 54s
wydano: October, 08, 2013
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The Complete Remastered Recordings on Black Saint & Soul Note [6CD]
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