Enrico Pieranunzi: The Complete Remastered Recordings on Black Saint & Soul Note [6CD]

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Modern Jazz / Pianistyka Jazzowa
premiera polska:
kontynent: Europa
kraj: Włochy
opakowanie: Cardboardowe etui

Black Saint/Soul Note - kolekcjonerskie wznowienia nagrań z katalogu wytwórni, które przez 20 lat wyznaczały kierunki rozwoju muzyki free jazzowej i awangardowej!
Enrico Pieranunzi jest od lat uznawany za jednego z najlepszych europejskich pianistów, a jego płyty, od lat wydawane przez włoskie wydawnictwo Cam Jazz, uchodzą za sztandarowe nagrania światowej pianistyki. Mało kto jednak pamięta, że nagrywał on wcześniej dla nie mniej cenionej oficyny - Soul Note - w której to ukazała się Pierwsza płyta tria Pieranunzi / Johnsson / Baron. Prezentowany boks zawiera wszystkie sześć płyt, jakie ukazały się w tej oficynie i były sygnowane nazwiskiem włoskiego instrumentalisty. Prócz tego jednak nagrywał on w składach prowadzonych przez Charlie Hadena - te nagrania także zostały wznowione i można je znaleźć w boksie z nagraniami amerykańskiego basisty wznowione płyty Charlie Hadena dla włoskiego Soul Note'u "The Complete Charlie Haden Remastered Recordings on Black Saint & Soul Note [5CD]

Editor's info:

THE COMPLETE REMASTERED RECORDINGS ON BLACK SAINT & SOUL NOTE is a monographic box-set collection aimed at recounting the most beautiful chapters that revolutionised the history of jazz.
This new series will be launched with the release of four box-sets, including albums by some of the artists who participated in the success of the outstanding labels. A philological work, beginning with the original recordings on multi-track master tapes, patiently integrally remastered paying strict attention to the sound quality.


Editor's info:
Art. Farmer's always lyrical, inviting flugelhorn fit nicely into this quartet and quintet setting matching him with an Italian ensemble. They covered standards, such bop anthems as Dizzy Gillespie's "Blue 'N' Boogie" and Charlie Parker "Ah-Leu-Cha," plus Pieranunzi originals "Little Moon" and the title track. Pieranunzi's light, enticing piano phrases made a nice contrast with Farmer's effortless, shimmering solos, while bassist Furio Di Castri and drummer Roberto Gatto handled rhythm details smoothly, and special guest Massimo Urbani chipped in with vigorous alto sax solos on three cuts. A solid, often delightful session.


Editor's info:
Enrico Pieranunzi is a talented pianist greatly influenced by Bill Evans. His sensitive interpay with bassist Marc Johnson (an alumnus of Evans' trio) is impressive while drummer Steve Houghton plays quietly and with great subtlety throughout the fine trio set. Pieranunzi has a romantic streak in his style (best displayed on the classical-oriented "No Man's Land") but he can also cook and swing hard; "Land Breeze" and "If I Should Lose You" are good examples of that side of his personality. The five originals and three standards cover a wide area of emotional ground. Enrico Pieranunzi may not be an innovative pianist but listeners who enjoy Bill Evans' music will certainly like this release.

All Music Guide:
This CD looks promising at first. A trio led by one of Europe's finest jazz pianists, Enrico Pieranunzi, occasional guest appearances by alto saxophonist Lee Konitz or fluegelhornist Enrico Rava, and a young Italian singer, Ada Monellanico. Piernanunzi's arrangements are consistently swinging, the musicians wail, and Monellanico has a strong, attractive voice on the seven tracks sung in Italian, even scatting an arco bass-like line in unison with her pianist on "Amore Fermati." The funky "Ma L'amore No" sounds like a New Orleans street parade, and she delivers a powerful vocal, backed by Rava's fine solo. The scatted introduction in unison with Pieranunzi's lively piano in the medley of "If You Turn Away" and "Who Can I Turn To?" is enjoyable, with a brief effective solo by Konitz, though the singer starts tripping up on words like "destiny." But her shortcomings on the remaining tracks sung in English are considerable, due either to her lack of familiarity with the language or an unwillingness to work hard enough to make herself clearly understood. "Fascinating Rhythm" starts out well enough, but there are a few more areas of sloppy enunciation. Pieranunzi's approach to "But Not for Me" is very unusual, with a repetitious bass vamp, but the hypnotic spell is broken by Montellanico's erratic enunciation. The Beatles' "The Fool on the Hill" is an inspired choice, but her repeated butchering of its words make painful to listen to. This inability to learn to pronounce English words correctly lowers the value of this otherwise impressive release by Ada Montellanico.
by Ken Dryden

Enrico Pieranunzi: Piano
Art Farmer: Fluegelhorn
Massimo Urbani: Alto Sax
Furio Di Castri: Double Bass
Roberto Gatto: Drums

Deep Down:
Joey Baron: Drums
Marc Johnson: Bass
Enrico Pieranunzi: Piano

No Man's Land:
Steve Houghton: Drums
Marc Johnson: Bass
Enrico Pieranunzi: Piano

Flux And Change:
Paul Motian: Drums
Enrico Pieranunzi: Piano

Andre Ceccarelli: Drums
Enrico Pieranunzi: Piano
Hein Van De Geyn: Bass

Ma L'amore No:
Mauro Beggio: Drums
Piero Leveratto: Bass
Ada Montellanico: Vocals
Enrico Pieranunzi: Piano
Enrico Rava: Flugelhorn


Enrico Pieranunzi, Art Farmer

1. Isis 5:11
2. Ah-Leu-Cha 5:27
3. Love Walked In 6:54
4. Blue 'N' Boogie 3:56
5. Soul Dance 5:39
6. Nancy 5:50
7. Au Privave 4:23
8. Little Moon 5:55

Deep Down:
Enrico Pieranunzi, Marc Johnson, Joey Baron

1. Don't Forget The Poet 7:09
2. Ev'rything I Love 5:52
3. We'll Be Together Again 5:15
4. Someday My Prince Will Come 6:23
5. Dee Song 6:06
6. Our Romance 4:49
7. T.T.T. (Twelve Tone Tune) 4:09
8. Antigny 3:46
9. Evans Remembered 4:39

No Man's Land:
Enrico Pieranunzi, Marc Johnson, Steve Houghton

1. No Man's Land 6:50
2. Border Line 6:12
3. If I Should Lose You 5:51
4. Blues In C 3:59
5. Land Breeze 5:39
6. The Man I Love 4:51
7. My Funny Valentine 7:32
8. Chimere 4:03

Flux And Change:
Enrico Pieranunzi, Paul Motian

1. Hazard Rate 1:41
2. What Is This Thing Called Love? 1:42
3. Double Act 1 2:29
4. Abacus 1:02
5. Pianologue I 2:00
6. Someday My Prince Will Come 1:01
7. Drumlogue 1 1:32
8. Double Act 2 2:09
9. When I Fall In Love 1:56
10. Double Act 3 4:11
11. Drumlogue 2 0:48
12. Things Ain't What They Used To Be 2:51
13. Sweet Little Swan 2:27
14. The Inch Worm 3:40
15. Double Act 4 1:16
16. All The Things You Are 6:57
17. For Your Peace 3:35
18. Drumlogue 3 2:33
19. St. Thomas 1:31
20. Freedom Jazz Dance 1:17
21. Alice In Wonderland 5:18
22. Anthropology 6:58
23. Straight No Chaser 4:51

Enrico Pieranunzi

1. Seaward 4:37
2. L' Heure Oblique 7:46
3. Straight To The Dream 5:06
4. Footprints 6:25
5. The Memory Of This Night 7:41
6. Yesterdays 6:47
7. Je Ne Sais Quoi 6:34
8. This Is For You/But Not For Me 8:16
9. Key Words 5:19
10. I Hear A Rhapsody 6:04
11. What You Told Me Last Night 6:29

Ma L'amore No:
Enrico Pieranunzi

1. Amore Fermati 4:04
2. Fascinating Rhythm 6:59
3. Ma L'amore No 4:54
4. Averti Tra Le Braccia (Quartet) 4:15
5. Non Dimenticar Le Mie Parole 5:15
6. If You Turn Away/Who Can I Turn To? 5:11
7. Le Tue Mani 6:53
8. Amore Baciami 7:58
9. But Not For Me 5:52
10. The Fool On The Hill 4:51
11. Averti Tra Le Braccia (Quintet) 5:25

total time - 333:31
wydano: 2010-03-12
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CAM Jazz (I)
Jean-François Heisser
The Complete Remastered Recordings on Black Saint & Soul Note [6CD]
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