Friedemann Wuttke: The Art of Classical Guitar [10CD]

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Recital gitarowy
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Friedemann Wuttke studied at the Musikhochschule in Stuttgart and completed his musical education in masterclasses given by internationalIy celebrated soloists such as John Williams, Manuel Barrueco, Pepe Romera, David Russell and Eduardo Fernandez. Wuttke has always pIaced great value on fruitfuI colIaboration with Ieading artists. He met repeatedly with the great Spanish composer Joaquin Rodrigo, for instance; he was a guest in his house in Madrid and discussed questions of music with him. Rodrigo was greatly impressed by Wuttke's interpretation of 'Fantasia para un Gentilhombre' in particular and expressIly praised the guitarist. Wuttke's friendship with the great Russian pianist Igor Zhukov was of great importance for his career. Years of work with Zhukov's 'New Moscow Chamber Orchestra' expressed itself in numerous joint concerts in Russia, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. There were also a number of CD recordings, for which Zhukov was responsible. Over and above this, Zhukov was a mentor to Friedemann Wuttke, and the guitarist engaged with him intensively not onIy on tours but also at his home in Moscow. Thanks to his eminent instrumental and musical qualities, satisfying the highest demands, Wuttke soon won an established place in the front rank of German guitar playing. His uncompromising commitment to the Classical repertoire and his well-thought-out programme planning are characteristic of a musician always open to new ideas and challenges. Behind all the versatility stands a musician who not only loves his instrument and his music but is passionately committed to communicating that love of music to his audiences. Friedemann Wuttke's concert activities have taken him to most of the countries of Europe and to South-East Asia, Africa and South America, where he has often performed in great concert halls, both as soloist and with an orchestra. Friedemann Wuttke has been under exclusive contract as a concert guitarist to the record label Hanssler ProfiI Medien since 2004.

Friedemann Wuttke: guitar
Südwestdeutsches Kammerorchester Pforzheim

Albéniz: 12 Piezas Características, Op. 92
Albéniz: Suite española No. 1, Op. 47
Albéniz: Suite española No. 2, Op. 97
Boccherini: Guitar Quintet in E minor, G451
Carulli: Concerto for flute & guitar, Op. 8
Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Guitar Concerto No. 1 in D major, Op. 99
Domeniconi: Koyunbaba
Dowland: Can she excuse my wrongs? (First Booke of Songes, 1597)
Dowland: Come again, sweet love doth now invite
Dowland: Come heavy sleep
Dowland: Fine knacks for ladies
Dowland: Flow my teares (Lacrimæ)
Dowland: Go Crystal tears
Dowland: I saw my Lady weepe
Dowland: In darkness let me dwell
Dowland: Melancholy Galliard
Dowland: Mr Dowland's Midnight
Dowland: Now, O now, I needs must part
Dowland: Weepe you no more, sad fountaines
Falla: El sombrero de tres picos: Danza del molinero (farruca)
Granados: Danzas españolas, Op. 37 Nos. 1-12
Granados: Danza española, Op. 37 No. 1 'Galante'
Granados: Danza española, Op. 37 No. 3 'Fandango'
Granados: Danza española, Op. 37 No. 4 'Villanesca'
Granados: Danza española, Op. 37 No. 5 'Andaluza'
Granados: Danza española, Op. 37 No. 6 'Jota'
Granados: Danza española, Op. 37 No. 7 'Valenciana'
Granados: Danza española, Op. 37 No. 8 'Sardana'
Granados: Danza española, Op. 37 No. 9 'Romántica'
Granados: Danza española, Op. 37 No. 10 'Melancólica'
Granados: Danza española, Op. 37 No. 11 'Bolero'
Granados: Danza española, Op. 37 No. 12 'Arabesca'
Granados: Orientale (No. 2 from 12 Danzas españolas)
Mozart: Piano Sonata No. 11 in A major, K331 'Alla Turca'
Paganini: Grande sonata concertata MS 3
Pernambuco: Sons de carrilhões
Piazzólla: Adiós Nonino
Piazzólla: Chiquilin de Bachin
Piazzólla: Concerto for Bandoneon, Guitar & Orchestra 'Hommage à Liege'
Piazzólla: Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas
Piazzólla: Invierno Porteño
Piazzólla: Otoño Porteño
Piazzólla: Primavera Porteña
Piazzólla: Verano Porteño
Piazzólla: Escualo
Piazzólla: Homenaje a Córdoba
Piazzólla: Oblivion
Pujol, M D: Cinco Preludios
Rodrigo: Fantasia para un Gentilhombre
Sor: Introduction and Variations on a Theme by Mozart, Op. 9
Sor: Sonata No. 1 in D major, Op. 14
Turina: Sonata for Guitar, Op. 61
Villa-Lobos: Preludes (5) for guitar
Wedlich: Guitar Sonata

wydano: 2022-01
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Albeniz, Bartok, Boccherini, Brouver, Carulli, Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Domeniconi, Dowland, de Falla, Granados, Haydn, Mozart, Paganini …
Friedemann Wuttke
The Art of Classical Guitar [10CD]
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